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Banff? Please help

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Hello there snowheads,

thinking of going to Banff, what is it like in your honest opinion??

going to be going on or around the 12th December, is there going to be much snow then, from past experiences obviously!! Dont suppose anyone has a crystal ball??

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crap shoot for that time of year, dry snow, can be 1.5m base and everything open, can be just starting.

Flying to Calgary, other options are Fernie, kickiing horse (but if banff isn;t on, KH is not either)

5 resorts in 60 minute drive (fortress, nakiska, norquay, sunshine, lakelouise) and the town to shop, drink, hike, hockey games, ice tours, dog sled. You can find something to do for a few days
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Banff is fantastic. Sunshine village is probably your best bet for early season snow. Sunshine is a fun resort with a bit of everything. Lake Louise is top notch with fresh snow.

Enjoy the Kokanee!
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Long odds that early at those areas if you're interested in advanced terrain. Damn cold too. Fernie is the only truly high snowfall area within driving distance of Calgary.

I'm getting to be broken record on this, but if you want to go skiing on December 12, wait through most of November to see where the most snow is. It's the most dead time of year in the travel biz and you will get a good last minute deal almost anywhere. Right now Seattle and Whistler are getting off to the best start, but I would still wait 2-3 weeks to commit.
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Watch for the trip reports from Banff (Sunshine and Louise open next week), monitor for a month and then make your choice. If there is no active thread, just ask the question and I'm sure the usual suspects from this neck of the woods will chime in.
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