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Ski length in new Dynastar Intuitiv 71

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I am confused, to say the least. As I have reported elsewhere on this forum, after a demo ride or three on the new Dynastar Intuitiv 71, I feel that this will be THE go everywhere, do everything ski of the year - at least for me. I demoed this ski in 175 cm length. At the on-snow trade show, the Dynastar folks said that this also is the favorite ski of a certain ski magazine editor. Of course, I contacted him and shared my views. I also asked what he would see as the best length for me. I told him that I had demoed the ski in 175 cm, that my weight is 145, and that I am a mediocre skier. He said that he himself is a good 190 pounds, and the 175 cm length in that ski is plenty for him. He advised me to go a length shorter [that would be 167 cm, quite a difference]. In addition to the Intuitiv 71, I also had skied the Dynastar Intuitiv 69c in the 175 length, and both models at that length skied equally well for me. So I looked at the Dynastar brochure to find my recommneded length in the 69c. According to that chart, a person of my height and weight would be on the 175, not the 167. Also according to the chart, the ski mag editor at 190 pounds would be on the 182, not the 175. For me, the ski would be that "one quiver ski" - on piste, woods, powder, crud, bumps - you name it. Any thoughts on this?
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Well this is easy,you skied the 175 you liked the 175 so buy the 175.Go buyem now that's a great ski ENJOY!
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How does the dynastar compare to your K2's Oboe? I noticed the dynastar brochure recommendes what I'd consider an excessively long length for me in all their skis but it also says "personal preference may influence the size you select" I'll take manuverability over stability. K2 recommendes a 188 for my size in the Mod X but I prefer the 174, though I want to try a 181 out of curiosity.
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Don't know, but I'm going up monday and taking the 175 with me
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I have owned and skied BOTH the 174 and the 167 in the K2 Mod 7/8 [today's Axis]. I really liked them both. The trade-offs are noticeable: The 174 definitely had more float and stability, and wasn't TOO bad to maneuver - but not as easy as the 167. The 167 has better maneuverability and seems also to have ENOUGH float and stability - but not as much as the 174. I could get by with either one. In the narrow winding corridors, I like the 167 better. In deeper snow and just ripping down the mountain, I liked the 174 better. This is kind of like choosing a woman . . .
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The '71 is designed as a bigger mountain ski, . Go as long as comfortably possible for the type of skiing you will be doing. I went with the 182 @ 185 lbs. This is the best all time off piste ski ever!
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The thing is, Green Mountain Orthotic, that off piste and speed do favor longer while shorter turns on piste, narrow trails, and bumps favor shorter. The question for me is BALANCE: I want that length of ski that can handle it ALL. But I think you're on the right track. What I plan to do is work with the Dynastar rep to further test these two lengths in the 71 - the 167 and the 175. For myself, I would NOT go longer than 175. Thanks for your feedback!
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I have to say this man...relax...they're skis...just tools for riding the snow....if things don't work out and you get divorced you aren't going to have to pay child support or alimony.

You are on the right track, you are continuing to evaluate. But hey there are trade offs, so is it quickness or flotation you want most. If tree skiking is your thing then manuverability takes a higher position. But if you aren't going to ski the most challenging tree runs, then a longer ski will do just fine.

So figure out where you enjoy skiing the most, where you want to go in your skiing and decdie from there.

BTW I am over 200 lbs and ski a 180 cm Volant T3 Power, true I am not skiing the trees and because of knee and back problems not the bumps, but I find the 180 is just fine. Before that a 193 Volant Power Karve, and a 190 Volant Chubb for POW and the spring slushies. I have yet to ski POW or Spring snow on the 180's.

Good Luck
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Well, wink, of course, you're right. However, please do not lightly suggest that I "relax". I do not LIKE to relax. I do not ENJOY relaxing. It's . . . it's . . . BORing. I do, however, take immmense pleasure engaging in activities which heighten tension so that I might overcome that and achieve a sense of aesthetic Valhalla - tennis, skiing and sex being among them. So I will quest on in my search for that go everywhere, do everything ski. Then when I think I have found it, I want to go everywhere, do everything, and then smile smugly, have a beer [maybe a few], and brag about it to you guys.
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Here is my question...How does it ski? Isn't it supposed to be the next generation Powertrac? Any comparisons bewteen the two?


BTW, I want to try the 182.
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Bandit Man, the Dynastar Intuitiv is a great ski, because it has good grip on hard snow even though it's wide enough for off piste - 109/71/100 - although not THAT much wider than the 69c, it's still wider, tip/waist and tail. The ski is a good short and long turner, and as I said, has good grip. Unfortunately, I did not get to ski it on anything but hardpack and ice, so I can only presume that the wider shape makes it a natural for pow and crud. I have not yet demoed the Intuitiv 74 - being 113/74/99. However, flexing the two models off the rack will show that the 74, although wider, also is much softer. I have collected a variety of opinions about ski sizing in the Intuitiv 71, and as expected, the bigger guys who are more off piste in open areas think longer is better. However, the instruction editor of Ski Magazine, a PSIA examiner who posts frequently on this site, and a local rep I know who runs a ski school all say that one length shorter than recommended by Dynastar is best. The local rep who runs a ski school is known by me to be a damn fine skier. He weighs a bit over 170 pounds. He tried the recommended length of the 71 [which would be 182 cm] and said it was too big to be ideal for him, so the 175 was better. The Ski Mag instruction editor says he's 190 pounds, and the 175 was enough ski for him. I can see how the 74 could be skied in a size longer than the 71, though, because it's quite noticeably more flexible. If you get on the 71 for a demo, please post your impressions, as to the ski and the length. Thanks!

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I have the Intuitiv 74 in a 182 and it skis short. When I compare it to my 177 Volkls, the front of the boot is mounted about 1/2 - 3/4" farther forward on the Dynastars. So there is about as much ski in front of the boot as about a 174 length, at least in a Volkl. I weigh 165 lbs and the 188 would be a better length for me. Not sure if this translates at all to the 71, but it's something to consider.
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Interesting point, Westcat, because the Dynastar ski length slection chart agrees with you! For a person of my weight, the Dynastar chart has no actual recommnedation for the Intuitiv 71, since that model was not on the market when the chart was printed [in fact, I don't know if it can be purchased at retail now, either]. However, I am basing my questions on an assumption: That the recommended length in the 71 would be the same as in the 69c. Why? Because when I skied them both in the same length, they skied with equal long and short turn ease, and were about equally as grippy on hardpack and stable at speed. So this is what the Dynastar chart says about ski length for the likes of me: In the 69c, 175 cm. In the 74, 182 cm. When I flexed the 74 off the rack, it was clearly much softer than the 69c, so that may explain it skiing short. At 170 cm, the Rossi Bandit X skied TOO short, but was just about right at 177. The Atomic shorty slalom at 160 cm, however, felt like a TANK, for heaven's sake! It bears repeating that appropriate length depends not only upon the skier, but upon the ski. As for the mounting point on the Intuitiv 74 you skied, I do not know if it was actually forward of the center or just forward of the 177 Volkl. Interesting question, though.
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I saw the 71 at Kenny's in Vail, Oboe for $700.00.
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veddddy eeenterrrressting! Dynastar personnel seemed a bit edgy about my questions because that's not "supposed" to be for sale. hmmm. Could either be bootleg, or a test market, or I got incorrect info. I can tell ya, I haven't seen them for sale in THIS part of the country. Could they have been the 74? Are you sure it was the 71?
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My boot was mounted right on the center according to Dynastar's mark. A lot of it has to do with running surface of the ski I think. On the 74 the tail is turned up so the contact point looks like it's almost 3" in front of the tail end of the ski, thus it could have a shorter running surface for this size of ski. This also could be why the binding is mounted farther forward than other skis. Kind of depends on what you want to use it for too, this ski felt too short for me in powder, but was nice on hardpack and in crud. I guess that's one reason to go with the manufacturer's recommendations or better yet demo them. There are probablty a lot of different factors that aren't readily apparent that go into the sizing.
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hmmm...sounds like there's a plot against you, Oboe [img]smile.gif[/img]. If only they knew how much great publicity you're giving them...

I'm sure it's the 71 b/c it says 71 on it and looks just like the one in the ad in the nu Skiing Mag. they have several pair in a range of sizes. I was struck by how heavy and stiffish they were. This is not your fathers dynastar I'm hoping to ski T-ride next week and cheack it out at the demo center if they have it.

How would you compare it to your Mod 174?
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trey, I took care to ski the K2 Axis [Mod] in 174 and the Dynastar Intuitiv 71 in 175 on the same day, as a comparison. This was on hard, hardpack with some ice thrown in. The K2, as always, is a comfortable and mellow ski. At this length on hard snow, it is not a great short turner and it does not shine as a top pick for edge hold on hard snow. The Dyanstar Intuitiv 71 1n 175, however, was a much better short turner and, at least in my own opinion and experience, pretty darned good on hard snow. They both were stable at high speed on hard snow, but the Dynastar felt better because of its more secure edge hold. I also plan to demo, tomorrow, the Volkl Vertigo Motion in 170 cm length. The quest is for the ski with enough width to float in powder, enough beef to bash crud, and enough edge to hold on hard snow and ice. The Volkl Vertigo Motion may be that ski, and it's in contention with the Intuitiv 71 as able to make shorter turns, at least in the 170 cm length. I'll let you know what I find out

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There's a 175 Intuitiv 71 for sale on Ebay right now Oboe. $449 Buy it now. Expires at 7pm tonight Pacific time. Maybe you can grab them if that's the ski you want.
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Sounds like we think alike Oboe! Edge grip, short turns, a little float for versitility is just what I'm looking for as a compliment to a Super Slalom. Unfortunantly i've been sick most of the season (flu from hell) but now I'm back and hope to try some Atomics (found a place in Aspen that's got the SL-11 for demo--hoping for next Sat!!!), Dynastars (Hope to try them all in T-ride tuesday) and maybe a few Rossi's if I can get Mr. Attitude at the demo center in vail to allow me the fricken' priveledge. i'd also like to try the Carver Motion (I like narrow skis) and that nu SuperSport. i've skied the Mod X the last 2 years and love it but want something different just for kicks. Keep me posted on you exploits
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The Dynastar rep and I have talked and will ski together in the next week or two. He also wants me to ski on some of the other offerings, just so I'll know what they're like and whom they suit. Tomorrow, though, is Volkl Vertigo Motion day. More later.
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