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Tell me your Blue Mountain Secrets.

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Well, after a little trying around, it looks like this is the best skiing around these here parts, and I will likely spend some time there (Well, there could be better ones, but I can't afford the membership fees).

If anybody has any info that I can't get simply by looking at their website, post up.

Which runs are best when? Where are the OPP speed-tax insurance-company-booster cars usually set up. Where can I rent the best demonstrators? I already know about the demo hut on the hill. Any good ski shops near by? What are the best times/instructors/types of lessons? How can I get cut-rate Saturday lift tickets? Where's the best place park? Can you tell me anything at all?


EDIT: It's the Blue Mountain in Ontario http://www.bluemountain.ca/winter_quickfacts.htm (the one with the wierd interactive ski map http://www.bluemountain.ca/winter_trailmap.htm ), and no, there really isn't another 100 feet of snow behind the lifts.
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There are two Blue Mountain ski areas. One in PA and the other in Ontario. I take it by your location that you are talking about the one in Ontario. I'd try to be more specific and let the other bears know which one.
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Yeah, DON'T ski the one on PA.
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Yeah, you're right, it doesn't get much better than Blue Mountain in Southern/Central Ontario.
I usually ski nights, but during the day, Hog's Back is my favourite run... its pretty steep, but still holds it's snow well.

My experience is that the OPP usually sets up right when you're coming into Stayner, right after the speed limit goes from 80km/hr down to 50. Mind you, if you're not taking Hwy 26, you won't be going that way.

My advice is to go weekdays at all costs... I do, and I end up skiing non-stop. Despite it not being a high mtn, you can really accumalate a lot of vertical over the course of one day/night, since its dead during the week. Weekends, you're spending more time in line than you are skiing. After seeing what its like on weekends, even if I lived in Toronto, I'd still go weeknights after work, instead of weekends... believe me ITS WORTH IT!!!! I don't know why anyone would want to wait in line for 15 minutes for a lousy 2 minute run down the mountain... er hill!

Food wise, I like the Bull and Barrel off the resort on Hwy 26 closer to downtown Collingwood, good wings in there.

Rental wise, "Skiis Please" seems to be pretty good... do not rent at the resort, because you pay a lot more for CRAP!!!

For parking, I've always liked South Base... Instructor wise, I couldn't tell you. Ticket wise, you should have bought the 5X7 pass before Oct 24 for $149. I think its double that now. I don't know where to get deals on individual tickets, as I don't buy them... Did I mention that weekends SUCK!
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Thanks Joe,
I'm WAY too busy working during the week, I guess I'm just an inefficient HS teacher. I insist on getting one day completely off and that's Saturday. Sad, I know. Sunday I've got church and lesson prep for the comming week.
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Ghost, Blue is the best in the area but extremely busy on weekends, Saturdays especially. With all the Intrawest development at central base, every year gets busier. I suggest you arrive early (by 8:30) and park at South base parking lot. Arrive much after 9:00 and you will find yourself in a crowd of daily bus people scrambling for rentals and lift tickets. By 10:00 the south and central lifts will be crowded, so head to the far north end where there are fewer people and the runs are more challenging. Lines move along - most of the lifts are high speed sixes.
Agree with JoeSchmoe that Skiis Please is a good place to rent. Another place to try for higher end demos is Squire John's, best local ski shop over on hwy 26 - call ahead and you can reserve what you want - about $30-35 a day as I recall. As for OPP, check your speed along Blue Mountain Road - it IS regularly patrolled and the limit is 50 kph in town, then 60. Hope that helps.
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My experience has been that Sunday nights are pretty good crowd wise. You should try at least one Sunday night and see how much fun that is over going Saturday. You'll save some money too, as night tix are quite a bit cheaper.
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