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Anyone else interested? Only 2 people signed up so far and needs at least 3 for it to be held. FWIW - the price is pretty good

Signed up for the Dec 3 - 7 dates; the best chance to see some thin funky faceted snowpack.e price is pretty good

Whistler Blackcomb
Dates (2005/2006 season):
December 3-7 sat - wed
January 7-11
February 11-15
March 4-8

Advanced Avalanche Safety
This five day course is a technical Avalanche Safety program with an in-depth focus on advanced Avalanche skills. Designed around the CAA Advanced Recreational Avalanche Course (ARAC)curriculum, our program emphasizes development of skills and techniques to assist in decision making, route finding, terrain evaluation, snow profile interpretation and rescue techniques. If you're serious about "going beyond" the lifts, this is the course!