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So the temporary bannings have begun. Not for being "anything" other than creating too much headache and work for us. (for now)

I'm pretty sure the team agrees with me on this one.

Racist remarks, are not allowed. Period. If we missed them (and I'm sure there are plenty) Please let us know and they will be deleted. If there are a lot of them in one thread, the whole thread is most likely going to be deleted.

Bigoted comments, are also not allowed. Period.

We will not be banning people based on their "beliefs" unless it becomes a problem with their behavior on Epicski. So, a Racist (even self proclaimed ones) are not going to be banned just because that is their belief. If you can't deal with that, sorry. Just like we're not going to ban someone because they are muslim, catholic, jewish, Reformed christian, morman, etc. (yes I know I left out a ton of religions). We are not going to ban people because they support same sex marrige or oppose same sex marrige.

Get the idea??????

xdog1 has on many occasions violated the Terms and conditions of EpicSki that I was unaware of so I am not sure how to deal with this. Yet.

AC and I have agreed that we need to bring another Moderator on board. SSH has shown great balance in moderation and assistance so we asked him to join the team as a moderator. He has graciously accepted and is now going to be helping out in this area.