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Skis for young kids

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What do you think are the best skis for 4-6 years old kids that just beging to ski? If 150cm would be appropriate for 150lb beginner adult then how short 30-40lb kid should go? I think shortest skis I've seen are 70cm and they are really rare, 80cm are more common.
Also, what do you think about strait vs. shaped skis for 4 yo? Those kids spend most time in wedge or running straight but from my experience it looks like somethimes their outside ski carve, so does it make sence to start them on shaped skis?

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Start them with as much shape as possible. They will be able to learn to let the skis turn for them instead of making the skis turn. For the youngest kids, skis should only be about up to thier sternum. My daughter (who will be 3 in Jan) will be on 67 cm Rossis this year. Head also makes a 67, and K2 has a 76. Also, as cheap as these skis are, you might want to check them over before putting them on the snow, my daughters skis were both pretty convex, with no base bevel on one ski, and about 10 degrees on the other.
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Jane is 4 (under 4' tall?) and not much more than 30 pounds but is happy with her new 90cm Dynastar 08 (98/66/85) - even with her straight skis last year (had to be < 70cm) she only spent her first day in a wedge position - the instructors took off that tip connector my wife put on.

Also - I am new to skiing with her last season and was looking over her skis - it appears the shop didn't attach the binding completely flat to the ski. There is a 3/8'' gap that appears to be full of an epoxy-like substance on the fastener. Advice? Do I unscrew the whole heal binding assy. from the ski and then reattach? Hmmm.
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I just picked up the Elan Spidy skis for my 5 year old. They have easily adjustable bindings already mounted when shipped and they're a pretty good deal. I purchased the 80cm skis for him.

Get them here: http://www.skiboards.com/skiboards/elan/spidy.html
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For the 4-6 yr old, I'd go for nose high, entry level stuff. Rossi/Dynastar seem to have the same 98-66-85 specs at that level.

There is no need for the wider shovels -- the child must be able to turn the ski when they want to. You don't want the ski turning of it's own accord -- the really big hourglass shapes are for later on, when they already have control over the skis. If you have a choice, choose softer over stiffer--again the choice is between forgiveness and response.

Remember also, that kids are not as strong in the extremities, so they won't be bending at the right joints, mostly at the waist first. This means that the skis should not be stiff, since that will magnify bumps etc. The skis need to bend, since the kids legs don't bend so much. The entry level skis are very soft.

Imo, very short skis are for very short, very young kids. My reasoning is that since children have a much higher center of mass than adults, too short a ski can give them problems with fore/aft balance if they are skiing "the big hill". Only for really little kids, that do not have a lot of leg strength the really short skis are needed. But IMO, these kids are under 4.

We started our kids at 3 and 29 months. Their first skis were chin high. Their second skis were nose high. We've had no problems, and never needed to put their tips together.

That's all I know. Hope it helps.
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