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The people's foreign policy.

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But now that Libby's gone, who will lead this?
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Damn, can people really be that STUPID? Amazing!!!!

Do these people VOTE? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah, I think they're really stupid. I mean, they forgot Switzerland.
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If I lived in Australia I would be REALLY, REALLY worried right now!!!
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Yeah, I loved that part--especially when Australia was France!
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But that Ayatollah John Howard is evil!
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Good point. Let's invade. It's hard work, but we'll stay the course.

You'll bring the Brits, right?
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That Harbour Bridge could be tough to bomb though - apparently it was built ten times stronger than was needed.
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Well then, let's take out the Opera House. There must be terrorists there. Do the words "shock and awe" mean anything to you?
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I hope you guys know that you're giving comfort to the enemy by mocking our Commander in Chief and the American Way of Life.
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No! Not the opera house! I love the opera house!
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We go where the terrorists are.

Sorry colossus. We're so ashamed.
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Can I have an "Amen!"
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Let me know when you're planning to invade and I'll throw a couple of extra shrimps on the barbie

BTW, I believe the interviews were conducted by a group of Oz political satirists for their program called CNNN to amuse us on how well versed in geo-politics our American friends are : (present company excepted of course).
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Makes sense. But, if it's an Aussie tv show, they should have pinpointed the invadable countries somewhere else. Some of us would get the wrong idea and actually invade the spot on the map that they chose. A wise Aussie would have picked a different point to invade--like Great Britain, or New Zealand.
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Unfortunately many Aussies are equally thick and wouldn't understand the humor unless it was that obvious (hey, look at that dumb ass, he/she thinks Australia is France!!! : ).... but then they would not have been watching the show in the first instance.
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