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Kiddie boots

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I'm looking for some boots for my daughter. 15.5 Rossignols fit her. Who else has a boot that small. Which ones do not suck? I want to stay away from the plastic ratchet buckles. Those seem to open by themselves if you just look at them wrong.
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Jane (4yrs 35# 42") skied in the Performa T1 in 16 last year - 17 this year - never a single complaint and she can put them on and take them off by herself.

The plastic buckle pulls a thin coated metal cable around a plastic latch/knob. Now that you mention it, it does look kind of flimsy, but I've never seen it release - the 'throw' is so long and the cable slides in the lever well.
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Originally Posted by janesdad
she can put them on and take them off by herself.
I'm not sure if that's a good thing if you know what I mean. The cable style buckles do seem to be better than the ratcheting ones, although I think most of the time it's the bigger kids that have trouble with those buckles, and they should probably be in a 3-buckle boot anyway. I'll have to look for a Performa and check them out. I wonder if kid's half sizes are like adult half sizes, i.e. an illusion.
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