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Girl looking for skis

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Looking for a new pair of skis. Will be skiing mostly at Mt Ste-Anne (Quebec, Canada). I would say that I'm an advanced skier (skied 5 years in the Canadian Rockies and 10 years in Quebec). I like all sorts of terrain but will mostly be skiing hard pack (unfortunately...). I like to do short turns. I'm 5.4 feet and 140 lbs.

Below are suggestions I got from ski stores :
Nordica 12 x SUV, 160 cm (2003)
Salomon Streetracer 8w, 160 cm (2004)
Volkl 4 star, 156 cm
Elan SLX, 155 cm (2003)

Any comments or suggestions?

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You should relist your thread in the Ski Gear Discussion Forum, You will get a better response.



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Hi Viv,

I recommend that you take a look at the Fischer Vision Vi50. If you like short turns this ski may be the ticket. It's sidecut gives it a turn radius of about 10m, it handles speed well, works well on hard pack, and has a big enough tip to float in powder. It is a woman specific model with performance appropriate for upper level woman skiers. A plus is that ladies skis usually are priced lower than the unisex models. There is a write up on it in this years Ski Mag gear guide.

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Based on your ability description, skip the Volkl 4 stars and get the 5 stars.

Solomon Streetracer; or

Atomic Sl:9 at 150
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