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grit of a gummi stone

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approximatly what grit of sandpaper mathces the abbrasion produced by a gummi stone...?? im thinking sumthing like 220 or 300
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You using it to remove rust?
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It's definitely finer than 220 or 320 paper. My guess would be 400. I also have 600 paper, and it could be that fine.
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My gummi stones are definitely above 400 since they remove the striations of tools/paper rated at 400 or less. I would also guess that they would be considered lower than 600 since my 600 grit Moonflex produces a much better polish than the gummi.
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Gummi stones come in three grits, but do you think I could find what the equivilent numbers are? - nope.

Color - use -(guess at grit)

Coarse (Grey) - edge cleaning, deburring the edges. - (600 or 800)
Red (Fine) - fine buffing of edges. A few strokes will shine an edge. Also harder than the grey. - (1000)
Tan (Extra Fine) - For super fine buffing of edges. Leaves a mirror finish. - (2000)

(2000 grit sandpaper used wet will give a mirror finish on metal)

Think polishing, not sanding.
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