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binding mounted off center

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Hi everyone,
I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I just bought a pair of Nordica "The Beast " limited edition skis and had marker freeride comp 12 bindings mounted to them. After getting them home I discovered that the bindings on one ski were mounted 1/2 inch farther back than the other. I have never seen a binding mounted so far off so I am wondering what I should do? Since they are last years skis I cannot return them and was wondering how drastically the 1/2 inch differece in the position of the bindings will affect them. Also will a remount alter the life expectancy of the ski? I am not sure if I should ask for my money back or have the same people try and remount the binding correctly.

addendum: I went to the shop and the owner discovered the center point arrow marked at the factory was off 1mm. He said he would call the Nordica rep to see if they can send a new ski. Since it is a limited edition ski I am hopeful Nordica will send me a new ski. I definately do not want a remounted binding on my ski.

addenaddendum: The ski shop just called and said Nordica will send a new set of skis to the shop and thewy will mount the bindings to them. The salesperson said he checked the remaining Beast limited edition skis and none of them were off. He was as perplexed as me as to why the only pair of 177s they had were off by 1mm. I was thinking perhaps they changed the center point later in production?
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If you bought them new, take them back and demand new skis, not just filling in the drilling holes but brand new. You will notice a half inch unquestionably. Probably be very hard to ski on hard snow as they will be coming around at different points in the turn.

Don't let them make excuses/remount, if it's new you should get a pair mounted properly, the shop should east the cost as their mistake.
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I think you'd definitely notice 1/2 an inch. I've never tried skiing with the left and right bindings mounted differently, but I've moved Atomic bindings forward and back. You can easily tell the difference between two adjacent "notches," and I believe they're less than 1/2" (more like 1 cm).

Whoever mis-mounted them should be responsible for the mistake. Assuming it was a ski shop, I think I'd demand replacement skis that I consider just as good as the originals (if the exact same ski isn't available). For what it's worth, I once had a ski shop mount the wrong model bindings to a new pair of skis. They replaced the skis.

If, for some reason that's not clear to me, getting a new pair is out of the question, have somebody remount one binding and fill the holes properly. Whether you want to have the same people who kind of egregiously screwed it up once do that is your call.
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