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Building 19 Ski Sale in Mass

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Not sure if it is crap but if you have young kids or beginners in the family and know what you are looking for I would assume you can get some good deals.
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Bldg. #19 has great sporting goods.

You have to know what you are buying, but I have picked up some great stuff with them. It's not going to be state of the art, but the prices are rock bottom. If you buy skiis, however, remember that new bindings cost a fortune in a ski shop these days. I love their ads; they have some talented artists. Check out the rock skiis!!! Since it has been snowing lately in Ma., I bet they attract some crouds.
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I'm back in Mass. for a few days for a consulting gig, and I actually stopped into their Hanover store (South Shore) this afternoon. I managed to avoid spending anything other than a few bucks on some cheapo gloves. (Plus an 89 cent deal on a big bag of nacho chips but that's not exactly ski-related...)

There were a few decent deals there, if you knew what to look for. Look pivot bindings for $99, think they were last seasons - if you like them, since Look/Rossi has redesigned them for 2005-06 and they aren't true under-tibia pivots any more, this could be a good score. Think it was the DIN 12 blue/black "jib" binding but basically the same as their main line.

A lot of skis did look like either 2004-05 or 2003-04 demos, with rental bindings. Prices were OK; not primo but decent. As of late afternoon 10/29 there were a couple of pair of K2 Apache X with Marker IBC rental bindings 175 cm for I think $499. Quite a few Dynastar Legend 8000, a few 8800, and a bunch of lower end. One pair of women's Exclusive Legends in 165cm for $399 if memory serves. Head IM75s (not the chip version) for about the same. Like I said, ok but not great.

They also has a cr*pload of beat up Rossi Cut 10.4 low-end rental skis for $79. I did a mitzvah and talked a nice mom/daughter pair out of getting them. They looked like they'd been in the rental racks (the skis, not the mother/daughter) at Killington or some other ASC resort for about 5 seasons!

And a huge selection of low-end rental boots, including way too many rear-entry boots.

So a lot of chaff hiding the wheat. But maybe a few choice pearls before swine.

(I have NO idea why I'm coughing up these religious cliches tonight! Sorry...)
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mark, thanks for the report. What is a pearl before a swine?
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Stopped by Haverhill store yesterday and found prices on decent gear to be high. Used '04-05 SX-10's w/bindings for $600? Used '03-04 Volkl 5*'s w/bindings for $500? Lots of thrashed, former rental gear.
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The Worcester/Shrewsbury Store had some great helmets for cheap last year. They also had some great "used" rentals that looked like they had NOT seen the snow (from Nashoba Valley). Picked up a 110 pair of these for a friend's kid. They had Brand NEW Head boots (intermediate to advanced), some brand new snowboard boots, some good demo skis and some decent gloves. They had their share of "CRAP" too.

If you know what your looking for and looking at some good deals can be had.
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Originally Posted by ATskier
What is a pearl before a swine?
Well I think the phrase originated in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

But the first time I ever heard it was back in the late Sixties as the name of this rock group.

Phrase is something like "do not throw your pearls before swine" as in don't waste yourself down in the gutter. Or don't mix in the good stuff in something thrown down in front of the unwashed masses.

Trust me, not many of the shoppers there would have recognized the Recons or Legends or Metrons as anything special - they were going for anything with a $79 price tag and trying to find skis that "fit" the rental rear-entry boots they'd already picked out. The same people I showed not to get the Cut 10.4's, I had to explain that the rental bindings were adjustable to any normal boot size. Then I had to show them before they believed it.

Or maybe it's just the Church's version of the old "Don't wrassle a pig - you both get covered with mud and only the pig enjoys it."
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