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Microfinish Rust

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This is for all the techno-nerd tune up guys. I picked up an older Dynastar Telemark ski this summer. It hadn't ever been mounted but it had been sitting in storage long enough to collect some rust. The edges were microfinished i.e. they had micro grooves running their full length. I realize that this was a bit of a gimic and have sanded the rust off along with some of the ridges. However, I was wondering if there might be some kind of chemical way of cleaning rust off of ski edges. I am only talking about light rust. I do have a rust remover for fabric which can be used to wash a stain out. However, it doesn't work on the rusting surface.
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Well, I'm going to start with an attempt to answer to my own question. I'm going to try a file brush and steel wool today with various solvents.
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No, you might damage the Ptex! Be careful! I think base grind and side file until it's gone, but I'm not the tuning expert. You donb't need micro grooves for telemark, I'm sure of that!
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AT Skier, there are soft polishing stones that are inexpensive and do a good job of rust removal. Go to any of the tuning sites and order a gummy stone. Used lightly that will remove all the rust. Finish with a file guide and diamond file or stone. This will not remove much material, but will bring the edge back after polishing. You will end up with very well tuned edges. As far as microfinishes, my Volkls originally had a factory finish from diamond grinding that leaves a scalloped finish. The first time the skis are hand tuned, that finish is replaced by a polished edge. There is no problem in tuning your skis and losing that microfinish. The bottom line is a good edge after all.
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Why don't you just jump on em and ski?
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Do you have to ask?

No snow. Cleaned 'em up last night while it was falling, but nothing stuck.
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What model?

I second that you ski the oxidation off.
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