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Binding badly mounted

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Hi all you experts out there. I have a problem...

I got my Dynastar Candide Pro's mounted with a pair of Rossi Axium 12 rentals (I had those lying around). I wanted this set up because it allows me to shift binding position from park to all mountain. So far so good. However, the guy that mounted them encountered some problems.

He mounted the bindings so that the bottom of the nose piece doesn't connect with the top sheet of the ski, all the way round it's 1mm shy. You can see the screws leave the noseplate and enter the ski?!!! (The heel piece is fine.)

The guy told me to give the screws another good turn after sking them for a few days. I have my doubts. Seems to me that without a flush fit, slush will get into the open area and freeze, leading to some form of irreversible damage/stress.

Please give me some advice!

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The only damage this will cause is you cursing and yelling when the toepiece rips out of the ski after some jump. Freezing/thawing ain't gonna be your concern.

If you have a Pozi, remove the toepiece from the track and tighten the screws. If you don't own a Pozi, bring it back the the shop and point out that their binding tech screwed up. Make sure everything else about the mount is good.

Thats really not acceptable work, but it can happen to anyone who is careless enough.
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Yeah, I thought as much....I'll bring it back and demand a remount, hehe

Thanks for your response
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