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ski length for fun carving

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is 150 cm atomic 11:12 or fischer rc4 wc sc ok for fun carving? I have 160 Volkl P50 race stock slalom ski which I can handle but it is definitely too much ski for me and I get tired after an hour or something. I am 182cm/6 feet and 67kg/150 lb upper intermediate male.
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Don't worry about lenght, 160 is fine for you. What you want is a bit softer ski, remember race stock is built for racing. I think either of the ski's you mention should be fine for you in 160. I also recommend demoing some rossignol top of the line ski's (9x oversize) they have a lot of rebound which helps against fatigue.

Furthermore, getting tired isn't all that bad. Just take a coffee break more often!

Happy hunting

My gear:

Atomic T11 lime green
Dynastar Candide Pro@ 180, Rossignol Axium 12 binding
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Local ski shops are selling last pair of skis for very reasonable price so I want to know if somebody has some experience with such short (150) skis. 150 is the only length available
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If I were you I would go longer than 150. If you let the skis run they are going to get squirrly on you. On a 150 you would need to keep the skis on edge constantly.
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You are on the wrong track here. Try something a little wider and softer flexing than a race ski, and you'll be able to handle it in a 160 cm length.
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IMHO, it's the short turns that are tiring. I don't think 150cm is a good idea. As for the price, it's a good buy, but you're not just buying a ski; you're selling your skiing day that is worth much more than the money you will save buying a too-short ski. Try an SX11 or Fischer WC RC or RX9, or if you want to carve short turns then maybe try RX8 in 165cm.
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I personally prefer the Fischer Race SC in a 170, but I am 6' and 95kg. The 160 should be fine for you. I tried the RX8 in August in OZ and found it OK, but a bit soft in the tail. IMHO the Race SC is the best all round ski I have ever used for groomed runs.
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This (I mean America) is not the land of funcarving. Some advice like getting SX:11 or RX:9 is well meant but unfortunatelly wrong if you mean fun carving.
150cm is perfect if your aim are extreme angles with not much speed. It depends on your level: if you´re a very advanced funcarver you will probably need some more length, say 160.
I´m speculating now but your fatigue might be due to the combination of leaning deep into the turn for a long time (typically funcarving) and unsufficient forward pressure (i.e. "backseat") in your turns putting too much stress on your thigs.
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I am 178/69kg. I have a pair of Fischers WCSC in 155 and enjoy them a lot. when I demoed them I actually expected to be tired but was not. But then I don't "funcarve" on them all day long.
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