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Reminder for Snowbird

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Just a note to ESA Snowbird attendees: our room block expires November 4. After that rooms will be available at the special rate only on a space available basis.
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Thanks for the reminder, I'm trying to contact Warren Hawkins to confirm my booking details for the Cliffe Lodge right now. But I can tell you that the ESA discount works out at $40 per night - so don't miss out.

There again, I'll be having a bed going spare for another person. If anyone's looking then let me know.
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Bump. Last day today.
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Thanks, Marc. Actually, we'll be able to reserve rooms at the ESA rate up until 30 days before arrival on a space available basis. The event is scheduled during the low season, so latecomers will probably be fine.

There are still some spaces -- because we hired another coach! Check page 209 of the November SKI Magazine...
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