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Race stock or not?

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What is the difference between race stock and regular? In an earlier post someone said that the Atomic 9.12 had a different plate or something like that in the race stock. So how do I know what I have?

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The way things change these days if you bought it at a retailer it's probably not race stock.
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Quite simple to figure out if you have a team version 9.12. There aren't any.
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So what's the answer? Is there in general a difference between 'race stock' skis and retail skis?

www.untracked.com has 198cm Y2K Volkl P40 F1 race stock skis in stock. They're a reasonable price, but i'm curious how they differ from what I would buy locally.

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I found a website that addresses race stock skis. Here is the part where a person asked a question about buying race stock skis.

"Q: Race stock?
First let me say that I love reading all the articles . My question is related to race stock skis . First , are the race stock skis of last year just the stock version of the same ski this year or are race stock skis a different ski all together . I have a chance to buy a pair of p40f1s race stock or the new p50 f1 stock and just cant pick . I would assume that the race stocks are better but I dont know Volkl that well .


Race stock skis, although they often sport the same graphics as retail models, aren’t always the same ski sold to consumers. They are not necessarily a better product than those on the racks in your ski shop. Most race stock skis are designed to do one thing very well – either short or long radius turns in gates – but they tend to suck at other types of skiing.

Nor do they tend to be as durable. Most race stock skis are not built to last many trips down the race course. Therefore, most race stock skis carry no warrantee. We’d probably go with the retail P50 were we you."
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I have the P-40 F1 in a 193. Great ski, but I don't think the 198 would be my first choice for tree skiing, pro stock or not!
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Thanks, the argument about longevity actually makes quite a bit of sense.. I guess most racers probably don't free-ski with their racing sticks.

Shredhead - I currently have the 198cm P40F1 - was looking at these as a backup because I love the P40F1. I've found them to be great in all conditions except moguls, where I really get thrown around. Trees generally aren't a problem, though some of the Supreme Chutes at Alta are about 180cm wide.. that's when I wish I had shorter skis [img]smile.gif[/img]

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When I ski the P40's I'm usually bombing it. I am sure they would work, but when I think tree's I usually think a bit shorter and a whole lot fatter!
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Stockli sell race stock skis direct to public.

Oh & mine so far don't look like they are wearing badly [img]smile.gif[/img]
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