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Squaw or Deer Valley - Page 2

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Forget the stretch - this is the sh1t right here - http://cgi.ebay.com/ELLESSE-Ski-Snow...cmdZV iewItem
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Was that post directed at me VASKI244 after my "To suit or not to suit" thread?
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Not at all. I have an infatuation with flashy fartbags and they rank high on the "points system" for a game we like to play when skiing the resorts over here.

Why, do you have one like this!?!? The best one I saw last year was at The Canyons. Neon Pink, accented with a straw cowboy hat with feathers. NICE!
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Fartbags are the butt of all the snowboarder's jokes too, if that makes you feel any better... http://www.686.com/inside686/winter/gaper/
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BakerBoy -

Aww man, that is sweet. The included fanny pack is icing on the cake. I'm tempted...
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