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anyone's really good ski deal?

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Did anyone out there get a really good deal on a peice of ski equipment that they are really proud of? I know I did...

This past season, I was corresponding with my father in munich, germany (he writes military software there) about skiing when he told me how a sport store near his place of residence was eliminating their old stock and they were practically giving their skis away. Among those still left were atomic beta carv 9.18,s (2001-2002, I might add [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] ) and a few pairs of salomon crossmax skis, 7.something or somethjing like that (dont know because I didn't get them) and to make a long story short, I got the atomics for under $150, and since he brought them over when he came for a ski visit (annual family tradition) there weren't the usual astronomical shipping charges.

If anyone has a great deal that they think stands out write about it, it feels good to get a great buy in an industry when the annual cost of what should be a very care-free sport adds up easily to $1000+

(btw, five fingered discounts from ski shops dont count as good deals )
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Fischer Mtn. X, $200
Odyssey e-max, $200
Volkl P40 Platinum, $275

all brand spankin' new.

the internet is darn handy for the procurement of skis. just gotta look.
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My brother got a nice deal this year..

Bought last years Bandit XX for $300... skied them the entire season until they de-lammed on one of our last ski trips. Returned them to Rossi, who then shipped him this year's model. Sold this year's model on e-bay for around what he paid (think he sold them to a bear too ).

Turned around a bought this year's Big Bang. Not bad.. a free year of skiing thanks to a timely delam.
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When I first moved to Tahoe in '92, I bought a pair of used K2 Extremes w/o bindings at the Truckee swap for $100. Bought a pair of new EssVar bindings for another $100. Used 'em for one season and sent 'em back to K2 with a bent tip. K2 replaced 'em with their Extreme FX (1st K2 cap skis, the blue ones). Used those for 2 years, they de-lammed on the tails so K2 replaced 'em with the gray Extremes. Swapped those with a shop for a pair of the MSLs. Ski'd those for 2 years and again they de-lammed so K2 replaced those with the new shaped K2 Four. Sold those for $300 and bought a pair of nearly new demo Salomon 2S Prolinks (yellow ones) w/850 bindings at the Heavenly tent sale for $200.

Last year I bought a pair of 188 Bandit XXX w/Salomon 900s for $275 delivered on eBay. They're in great shape but have been tuned a lot so not a lot of base left.

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Indeed, if you're skiing on K2's or rossignols(though I haven't any personal experience returning rossi's) and you delam., it is more forunate than anything else, their customer service is really first rate. Gotta love re-selling the replacements for the same price [img]smile.gif[/img] .

Ryan, you're exactly right, The only reason I would go to a sporting goods store for skis is to get some ski-guru's advice that I can use to aid my constant and never-ending quest for cheap skis online. www.buyskis.com used to be a really cheap site but last season they restructured their website, and it seems that the good prices left with the old site structure. Plenty of good buys left to found elsewhere, if you are willing to spend the time searching.

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This is too easy. When working in a shop, I outfitted my family and myself for 10 cents on the dollar. Shop Forms were part of the deal in them hiring me. Did I abuse the forms...yep! Sorry, but I did.

Bought a $8000.00 Montana ski tuning machine for $380.00 on Ebay!
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I think Phil wins the Deal of The Year award with his tuning Machine. My Best deal a Pair of 184 Salomon Supermountains with 900 propluse binding with less then 30 days no them for $100.00 at a yard sale.
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New in the plastic Atomic Beta Race 10.22s for $125. Granted, they were 178s (I was looking for 183s), but they were still a screaming deal.

Volkl P40 F1s for $225.
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Due to several things that shouldn't of happened so if I'd payed the next day I wouldn't of got the deal, a pair of Fischer Mountain Xs with Rossi Axial 120 pros mounted with fat brakes for $250 can or aboot $165 US$. So I got the bindings or the skis for free.
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I can't match Vail Snopro, but I didn't do bad for an amateur. Who says skiing is expensive???

All NEW ('cept poles) & bought in 2002:

Skis: $19.99 (Dynastar DLC Ceramic)
Boots: $99 (Nordica Next 74)
Bindings: $59.95 (Marker M3.2)
Poles: $5 per pole at REI to saw off 2 inches on old aluminum poles.

Should last 5-7 years. Maybe even 10.
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Four years ago:
Salomon Snowblades: FoC
Salomon Evo2 8 boots: FoC

Since then, everything at cost, including my Axis X Pros amd Salomon bindings.

(and all this for doing a web site, which ended up being a copy of my Favourites)


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I dont have that many good deals that i have gotten but i never pay very much for my skis. So i started in 2000 with a new pair of Xscreams, delaminated those, got brand new ones, bought a pair of rossi t-power vipers in 2001, delamintaed those, got brand new ones sent to me, which i sold to my younger brother with the s900 propulse bindings that i had sitting under my bed. then bought (proform) 2 pairs of salomon race skis gs and sl with bindings and plates and the whole bit for $1000 last season (which was pushing it for me). Also picked up some additional salomon poweraxe plates on ebay for $45 last season, which will be going on my new Elan SLX's which i am picking up (for $300) from my ski school director who happens to be a rep for elan. Also will be getting the new salomon gs ski from the salomon rep - hopefully can get a pair of stocks out of the deal. Last season my dad also scored a pair of brand new 2001 fischer sc's off ebay for $200. Oops almost forgot i also got a pair of nodica grand prix GS skis to use as rock skis for $150 with bindings (brand new). Still no deals on my list that compare to what reps get from their respective companies, but friends that i ahve that are reps have often hooked me up with a pair of thier skis to ski on for a day or two in a row.
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Sigh! I hate it when I hear what life is like at a real destination resort.

About the only deals we lowly L 1's get at a feeder area are ...... ?? Come to think of it, we don't get any deals. :

About the only folks who make out are a few supervisors.

You are a lucky guy to live in that "other" world.
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wow, I have got say, I was pretty proud of my deal but vail snopro has us all beat! Who's that girl got a pretty decent steal, Uh, I mean deal as well, (I have always thought though, "New skis deserve new bindings and new poles" but if the aluminum spikes still cut the mustard, I can't fault you there )

BTW, this is my first time posting a picture so forgive if it doesn't work, just wanted to put up a picture of the ole girls standing next to me!

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Nice photo, Karsten, and yes, it did work OK.
Of all the skis in the photo, I think WTG would prefer the one in the background that your other Atomic is leaning against (i.e. not the one you're holding).
OK, it may not have bindings mounted on it yet, and it is a rather dull shade of dark brown, but I'm sure she'd ski it well!

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I am sure she would, maybe add the latest in iron-forged, leather toe straps and a little pine pitch mixed with whale blubber for wax and you'd be set! (w/ Bamboo poles of course )
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