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Due to a wide foot that I cant fit into any tele boot comfortably, I have to sell these skis and boots. 2003 Black Diamond Arc Angel Tele skis for sale. Rottafella Chili bindings included (short?). Dimensions are 180 115-78-98 I think? I have used them one run. They are in mint condition. Due to tremendus pain I have from craming my foot into the boot and nowhere for me to try boots on locally, there only collecting dust in my locker. The boots are 2003 Garmont Gara's 28.5. One of the leash rings is missing. They are used for one run also. Skis w/bindings $400 w/ free shipping and boots $300 w/ free shipping. Negotiable. email ?'s to Rob Update. I have a pair of footbeds that came with my regular boots that were never used. They are now included.