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Rossi B3 and Moguls?

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can anyone tell me what the Rossi B3 is like in moguls?
I am looking for a single ski quiver - do it all ski.
I mostly ski colorado, enjoy the powerder whenenver I can get it, spend at least 60% of my day on moguls and trees.

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No ski that wide is going to be good in moguls, If you spend a lot of time in trees and like the bumps try the legend 8000. Out of all the skis I demoed last season, that is the ski I was most impressed with in just about every condition.
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I agree B3s are hardcore powder skis if you like the bandit line i suggest you go with the b2s they are still wide but can handle the moguls better than the very fat b3s
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I think that people are unaware of last year's B3 now being the B4. The new B3 is pretty good in the bumps. It pivots nicely, and is pretty nimble for being 83ish underfoot. If I were a Rossi guy I would just about live on the new B3. For big western mountains it's hard to beat the new generation of midfats; B3, Outlaw, AC4, Etc... Super versatile skis for good skiers who spend most of thier time off-piste.
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Don't know about this years B3 but last years is not a good bump ski. However, last years B2 is one of the best bump skis i've ever been on. If what they say is true, this years B3 is comparable to the B2 of last year. It would be a good bumper.
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Last year's B2 was a good bumper. I have demoed the new B2 and B3 and both are good in bumps. Last's year's B3 was cumbersome in bumps, but workable. The best powder skis in bumps I have ever been on was the Dynastar 8800 (skied short). That sucker was damn quick.
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