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New EpicSki member

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Hello all! Just wanted to drop in and say hello and introduce myself. I'm from Lebanon PA (about 8 miles east of Hershey), former hockey player (thus the handle hipcheck), and new skier. Went skiing for the first time last year and quickly found out that I am a natural (instructors words - not mine LOL). Went exclusively to 1 resort - about 4 times - and totally fell in love with the sport. So much so that the wife and I recently bought some equipment. I'll ask my questions about that stuff on another part of this forum. Anyway... thanks for having me and I'm sure I'll get to know more of you soon!

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Welcome from another PA guy. You are close to Roundtop, a good little area, you should hit it from time to time.
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Welcome hipcheck. It's a terrific sport -- but beware, once you get the ski bug, it never goes away.
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It sounds like the ski bug is already well entrenched. Welcome, Hipcheck, and please extend our welcome to your wife too.
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Welcome,I`m fairly new here also.Its a great site to get info on the sport. Good luck on building your quiver.
Pronunciation: 'kwi-v&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French quivre, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English cocer quiver, Old High German kohhari
1 : a case for carrying or holding arrows
2 : the arrows in a quiver
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Hey welcome to both Hipcheck and Chris D;

Skiing is a great sport and btw Hipcheck many" EX-Pucks " make the conversion well -ya know a little about edges -EH !!
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Thanks everyone!

@ Phil - Roundtop is in fact the very place that I got bit by the bug! Very nice place and the only resort I have been to! LOL! Great guessing! Are you from around the area too?

Yes, the bug is well entrenched. As a matter of fact, 2 weeks ago we bought our first package and this Saturday is when I can pick up our booty! I dont really know all of the lingo yet, but I think we got a pretty good deal. We each got a set of Volkl skis her the 724 ext gamma and me the 724 ext. Each with Marker bindings her the LT me the LTX. Great deal on last years stuff!
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Welcome to EpicSki, this is a great place to feed that "bug".

BTW, I ski RoundTop almost every Sunday during the season. Give me a yell and we'll make some turns together.
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Welcome to epic, hipcheck.
If you make it up to Windham this year let me know and we will make some turns together.
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@warpdaddy - I know whut ya mean aboot edges eh. BTW... how close is the border? Are you near Lake Ontario?

@Coach and Stache - that sounds great! I will keep you in mind! Roundtop is a must go place as I have just purchased advantage cards for the family. We should be making many trips there this year. I think Windham is on the list of places to go for the 2 ski clubs I just joined.
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