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More advice please!! Dynastar skicross 9

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I was wondering if anybody had tried the skicross 9's (04). I was comparing the 9 and the ten tonight and wondered if anybody has the 9. What binding can you use on them?? Would they be better for an upper intermediate skier than the skicross 10's?? Thanks in advance!!
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Also, would there be any advantage in going with a 170 as opposed to a 178 (6^ 195)
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On either ski use the Look Pivot or Rossignol Axial binding. For your size get a model that has an upper DIN range of 12.

The 9 is a better choice for an upper-intermediate. It really doesn't sacrifice much in performance except at high speeds. It is also a more friendly model in moguls.
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the 9 is livelier and better for moguls, trees. the 10 is stiffer, more stable for high speed cruising. but the difference is subtle. For Intermediate skier, the 9 easier, but at your size, 10 woul prolly be fine too.
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My 17 y.o. son skis the 09 in a 178 length. He is an aggressive skier who spends most of his time in bumps and off-piste stuff. He weighed 160ish last year and loved the ski. It also caused groomers to bring a smile to his face for the first time in years, due to it's excellent edge hold and liveliness out of turns.

I spent a couple hours on it, and was amazed how well I liked it (6'2", 200ish). You essentially must use the Look/Rossi binding mentioned previously due to the pre-drilled mounting plate. Fortunately, they are widely accepted as an excellent binding.

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I believe the 10 is a much stiffer ski than the 9 with a much higher speed limit.
This is not a criticism of the 9 which is a wonderfully balanced ski.
True experts would likely prefer the 10 but most people would be better off on the 9 as an all day ski.
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I have the ski cross 9, 178 length (6' 240)...I believe the 03 model? I really like it, but don't have much experience with other skis to give you a comparison. I'm using marker bindings. When I purchased them the salesman told me the big difference between the 9 and 10 is that the 10 requires specific bindings, but the 9 will accept any. I had just purchased the markers a year or so earlier and really didn't want to buy another set of bindings, especially since I was still in college and on a tight budget.

I've only had it on groomers, ice, and very very light powder. It carves very smooth and confident arcs. The first time I skied it I was amazed with how well it turned, but part of that is probably due to my prior skis being K2 twos.

The only other skis I have are some 168 Fischer slalom skis I bought used at the end of last season. They turn a lot sharper and quicker, but are a lot less stable at speed. After a day on the Fischers, the Dynastars are very relaxing and easy going.
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