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Hip Flexor muscle

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Hi all, Anyone know any info on hip flexor injury. I fell last season in March and I think I pulled my hip flexor muscle which in turn has aggravated my sciatic nerve. I went to the chiropracor four times and he helped it some, but the sciatic nerve has been giving me the blues for awhile now. ( I've had three back surgeries in the past ) I am looking forward to skiing this year but don't want to cause more injury or pain. Thanks....Leisa
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I have had two ACL surgeries and somehow my hip flexor on my right side got so stiff that it constricted my Femural nerve which caused pain in my lower back and front quad area.

The pain is very similar to sciatic pain where you get a shooting pain down your quad.

I'm sure my issue is different then yours but I found doing more core and balance exercises, stretching, massage therapy, and certain yoga poses helps alot.

The trouble with the hip flexor is that when it is messed up, it will constrict every muscle group in that region so I think sports massage is the first place you should look.
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Sciatic pain is usually associated with a back injury, not hip flexor. See you've had back surgeries; are you sure you're not just hoping it's the hip flexor? does it get better or worse when you sit? you should get it checked out by a doctor if it's been going on for a while in case it's a disc or stenosis problem.
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If the injury, lack of use and lack of rehab has caused the hip flexor to shorten enough it could be causing pelvis misalignment and in turn back issues leading to the sciatica. A good chiropractor should be assessing you fully and giving you stretches and muscle balancing exercises. If your's didn't you need a new one or better might be to see a physio therapist or here we have athletic therapists as well.

Skiing or not it should be dealt with as altered gait and other activities will just cause it to become progressively worse over time.
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I have a mangled psoas.... that was not diagnosed for many years.... the whole muscle feels like a bag of marbles instead of a muscle....

It pulls my pelvis out of alignment & makes my butt area get tight - causing pain like sciatica but not quite the same....

It also makes me tend to use my back area poorly putting me at risk of injury

and a heap of other guff....

Go see a GOOD physiotherapist - a sports one would be handy (I don't know about there but here they do a further degree in sports physiotherapy)....

Work on the muscle(s) concerned.... work on alignment & core strength... it will improve
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This is one of those "chicken or the egg" scenarios that require medical attention. At the risk of over-simplification, take a look at the Glute Thread

Tight hip flexors usually mean weak glutes, which can in turn cause back injury. Also, as others have mentioned, tight hip flexors influence pelvic alignment, which is directly related to back problems.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that tight flexors mean overactive quads which usually mean weak hamstrings. Since the quads are responsible for extension, people with a quad/hamstring imbalance stand with their legs hyperextended, which also misaligns the pelvis and leads to back injury.

So here's a game plan:

1. Activate your core. For 10 seconds, 10 times a day, draw your abdominals in and hold them tight.

2. Stretch your quads and hip flexors using a foam roller.

3. Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings, preferably with a stability ball.

4. Have someone evaluate your postural alignment.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
2. Stretch your quads and hip flexors using a foam roller.


can you tell me more about this bit LM?
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thank you - if I make it to academy I want a teaching session to get it right
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Good news, disski. Since we are driving to the academy, I will be able to bring some rollers for the apres ski stretch session!
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Bring one to sell me too
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