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Help! I need some new skis

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I need to get a new pair of skies. I'm 23 yrs old 6'0 210 pounds and I live in the Northeast. I have been skiing ever since I could so I am pretty advanced skier. However, I didn't ski too much throughout college and i'm looking to get back into it again. I haven't been in the parks too much, but I would like to start. So I guess what I am looking for is an extremly versatile ski that i could use all over the mountain. After a little research I think the K2 Public Enemy might be a good choice... any other suggesitons (by the way im not looking to spend a ton of money)? also, how much should I be looking to pay and do you know of any websites I could use. Thanks for all your help.
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Welcome to the forum. I actually just mounted up a 2004-2005 K2 PE for this season as a ski to complement my Fischer RX8 (which wasn't the greatest in bumps, trees, or ungroomed). I haven't skied them yet, but am greatly looking forward to it and have only heard positive things about them.

Other possible skis for you to look at if you want to go with an all mountain twin are Line Prophet 80s, Volkl Karmas, or perhaps one of the Rossignol Scratch skis. Stockli Snakes are also supposed to be amazing, but are EXTREMELY expensive.

If you don't have your heart set on a twin, I'd say one of the "one-ski quiver" skis would be another angle to look at (Nordica Top Fuel, Atomic Metrons, Volkl AC4, etc.).

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If youre a good skier as stated: demo skis to find what you want. No one really knows what will be good for you - too many variables, i.e., preference, what type of turns you like, any racing, powder, crud, off piste etc. etc. etc. Ski areas usually have demo days early in the season with a lot of ski co. reps there. Also some of you local ski shops will have demo ski's. $ ask the shops about last years skis that are left. Java Mt. Sports, Norden Calif I know has skis left over from last 2 years - good lst line skis good price, Call Buck the owner he will ship to you (Java Mt is on Donner Pass-Tahoe). A reallly great was to demo is whagt Mammoth Mt. has in their rental facilith = for $25 you can demo up to 4 pairs of skis a day - this was you can really find the right fit for you. Good luck but remember only you know what works for you. I'm a good skier, an insgtructor and racer and I have 4 pairs of ski's; 1) atomic slalomskis I teach on 170's 2)Atomic metron B5 my fun-powder-crud=mogul-in the trees fun ski 3) Volkl 5star gs ski's and a pair of Rossi Powder skis I rarely use as the Metrons are better. But I can't tell you what to buy because I don't know all the variable and everf if I did know the variables I still wouldn't tell you what to get because I haven't seen you ski. Good luck with purchased - but better than luck have some fun and go ski some of todays greagt skis. Have a great winter.
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^^^^^^ It only took me one demo day to realize that's the only way to buy a new ski. You can listen to reviews to get an idea, but how do you choose one ski over another? Ski it.
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I am also going to get the k2 public enemys they are a very good ski. I work at a ski shop and everyone i work with who has skied with twin tips say they liked the public enemys the most, they are constructed very well and can handle all the things the mountain has to offer
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I have 04 PE's. They're hot fire. Easy switch to frontside stance. I'm 210lbs. they hold up good in the deep stuff and at the park.
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I agree that you should ski em first but also check out the salomon Foils. Good luck.
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