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Powder King

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Has anyone here skied at Powder King, in B.C.'s Pine Pass? It gets a phenomenal amount of snow, and it's usually quite cold, so I would guess that it's very dry snow.

Judging from the ski map, it's not very big.

Can anyone recommend it?
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Boring, flat, small and not worth the long drive. I was bored after just a few runs and instead of skiing 3 days we left the resort after just one day. If you like hiking it can be better but without local know how you could definitely get into trouble.

For me it was on the “to do” list but for sure never again. On a powder day you can have good fun and it should not be tracked that fast but then again it’s a fu**** long drive.
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Lots of snow and no terrain steep enough to enjoy it. Worth hitting if you happen to end up in NE BC in the winter for some reason, not worth a trip just to ski it.
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