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New Atomic SX Ski

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I was watching some Skiercross the other day and some guys were holding new Atomic SX skis with no dimpled top and a big X on the tip.

They were black, green, and orange I beleive.

It's funny because they were skiing on the SX:11 and then at the finish a rep would hand them the new skis to hold up for the camera.

The same for the new Salomon Crossmax skis with a new graphic for 04/05.
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sx-b5. the ski uses the 5th generation beta construction. basically the power channels come right out of the ski and the plate attaches to them. there are dampeners in the plate that are akin to mtb suspension stuff. 've skied the thing and it's super sweet. easier to ski at slower speeds than the sx-11 but the faster you go the more stable it gets. almost like the original orange 10.20 ride side cut. they come 166,174,182 cm.
they rip!!
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