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Latest issue of Ski mag.

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… so I open the latest issue of Ski Mag. to read up on an interesting ACL injury article and… I see my Ortho MD posing in the same office I went for my post-up ACL check up Cool… I said… I almost fell off my chair (didn’t do it for fear of having yet another ACL injury).
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John MacGillivray?
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Originally Posted by wbroun
Dweezle Zappa is a name. What else would you like?:
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Yup, John MacGillivray... He's really a great guy besides being a good doctor. My knee is getting better and I hope it stays this way.
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I found the article about having Vail to yourself to be of interest in that issue. I honestly cannot think of a better scenario, other than being able to bring ~3 friends.

Also, it would be a very rare opportunity to ski a top-to-bottom DH, which excites me
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also in this issue - it talks about getting snow tires. for somebody who lives
in the Bay area - and drives up to the mountains -oh maybe 5/6 times during the
season - would you suggest a I pick up a set of snow tires and intall them in
November as the article suggests
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Already did a snow tire thread. But the answer for someone in the Bay Area is no. You travel 150 miles each wasy between home and the first snow line, usually farther. Often the whole road is clear. Assuming you don't have a SUV/4x4, you are better off with all season tires (M+S) and standby chains (approved traction devices). CHP is going to require chains at the first hint of snow anyway, so you will never realize the benefits of snow tires.
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Ski & Skiing have become useless as magazine. If its not on Epic for ski related info, I don't need it. Hmmmm I might have the makings of a new sig
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Decent issue, except for that horrific story about the guy taking that incompatible group of people on a ski trip. How cares about any of them, and why were such losers worthy of a story?
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I thought that the November issues of both Ski and Powder both were good. For SKI it's the best issue I've read in a long, long time. Since I've poked fun at SKI magazine in particular before, I should give them credit when deserved as well.
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