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Not much left to be said here but here I go.

Whiteface is far from one of my favorite areas but I say go. Great town. I've been ther both winter and summer and would suggest both.

Yes it is a big vert. Mtn. It is also limited in terrain and, though it is overall pretty well pitched it doesn;t have anything super steep save for the aforementioned, seldom open Slides.

Due to it's tall, narrow aspect someone here on Epicski once descriped Whiteface as "a tilted ironing board" I love that description.

My son and I were there for a couple of days last March and had a great time. We were pretty bored with the runs after day 1 and spent day 2 yoyoing the NASTAR race course. We are not racers, but we had a great time competing against each other and improved our technique at the same time.

Whether or not you love it, Whiteface is one of those venerable ski areas that you should be able to say you've skied.