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Well, it’s almost time to go home for my 5-day off mini vac, and I can’t get any work done. So I am cruising the Epic (gear review site) to pass the time and I got to wondering - did ski technologies really evolved in past 2-3 years, or 5-yr even to justify paying twice/trice as much as what you can pay for used/older but just as good skis? I mean how much of an improvement is Volkl Mantra over Explosiv or say 8800 over Intuitive (even older 4x4 big)? Yes, I will admit I am a cheapo and I try not to buy brand new skis at retail. I've been buying whatever the skis that I think is decent and the ones that I can get my hands on for cheap without demo. Still, I've yet to find the skis that I disliked – I currently have five+ pairs. They’ve been all good! Am I just lucky or are we (public) simply preoccupied with taking the latest and the flashest-graphic to the slope? Thoughts?

Allow me to share my experience. I bought a pair of used Fischer Bigstix 84 for $215 in 2003/24 and I just loved it for past 2 years. Then I recently sold it for $225 as it was still a very good skis with plenty of life left in them. Out of curiosity, I demoed (@ Bachelor) Fischer’s next version BS8.6 and I actually liked the older 84 better! The (wood core) 84 was more stable and deflected less (than 8.6) in junky snow and it just felt more solid over all. I also purchased used Fischer 2002/03WC RC4 that same year for $225, and in my experience it is the best hard-pack/ice carver I’ve ever skied on – compared to much newer 5 stars, K2 XP, Elan 666 & Gx, etc.

Last year I also happened to see (163cm) Rossi Axiom for $40 at the LOHS Ski Sale. Normally I would never consider buying skis shorter than 180, but how could I refuse Fatty for $40? Last year was the worst it has ever been at PNW but I had a chance to take out Rossi on late March Powder day. Man, oh, man, Axiom just killed it. It way the lively (at 130-110-120) and fun ski on powder. I think I enjoyed that $40 Axiom that day much more than when I demoed B3 and Goatama that I can remember.

This year, without demo as usual, I’ve picked up used (but excellent base and edge) Knissle Tanker (125-93-116, R=20@170) for $110. They are woodcore and 2 sheets of titanium, and I can’t wait to try them.

So, I’m thinking, as I leave work to take next 5 days off, why should I pay top $$$$ for new paint job?
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Kneissl Flexon Tanker ski...Be sure to stop back and write a review of that ski. It is certainly rare in the US, but has interesting shape and construction. There are great deals to be had in older equipment but its tough to get older skis that were really great at a big discount. For example, discontinued Volkl explosivs are fairly rare, and the ones you find are still expensive. Same for last year's Atomic Metron B5s, Volkl 6 stars etc. You still pay a premium for equipment that is in high demand.
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