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Advice on Dynastar skicross 10 (04)

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I have an opportunity to purchase these for a great price. I'm wondering if they would be right for me. I've been skiing seriously for about 3 years. I ski upper blues and lower blacks as well as some trees and moguls once in awhile. I'm 6^ 195 and was thinking about getting the 178's. Any opinions??
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I have skied on them and they are a great, fun ski. Will grow with you. They have great edge hold and good stability at speed. Despite their press, i find them OK in crud and not-too-deep powder, but they do favor "on piste" skiing. I ski the 9s and find them more lively and easier in the trees, etc., but I'm only 115lbs. I think you will find the 10s just fine.
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I have the '04 SkiCross 10s in a 170cm. I'm 5'11", 180#. The 178cm model would have been a better length for me for all-around skiing but I bought short since I was mainly using them in steeps and moguls. They are a great ski on hard snow and cruising runs. They are quick enough for moguls but not very forgiving....you have to ski them very precisely. They do okay in soft stuff up to a few inches deep but are t0o narrow & stiff for deep stuff. I still like the SkiCross 10 better than almost every other SkiCross/Carving ski I've tried.
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Vasanl, I ski this exact length in the 10's and are my favorite skis for all-around in a six ski quiver. I am 5'11 and 195# and ski hard, fast, and aggressively, but these skis can handle anything, even leisurely cruising. Maybe not the best bumps ski, due to their stiffness and length, but a good skier will be fine. I also ski a Course 66 GS in a 178, and feel the 10's are almost as stable at speed, but worlds ahead in versatility. Don't think you can go wrong-the 10's were ski of the year two or three years running. Good luck.
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Don't own them personally but I've skied on them 4-5 days. The only thing I have to say about them is fast and stable. this might be partly due to the fact that I was on 178s when I normally skied 170s but they seemed very stable at speed and just wanted to go. If I were going to buy them for myself I would probably go shorter but 178 sounds good for you. It's fine that the ski isn't this year's model as well since they haven't changed the ski much for a few years (why mess with success?).
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I have 'em. They are a great 70% on piste and 30% off piste ski. A lot better in crud than their 69/68mm waist would suggest. So-so for moguls. Very stable at super speed, great edge, versatile turn radius.

Me 6' 2",190 lbs,level 9, skiing over 35 years
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I skied them for 2 years, and they will become my backup/rock skis this year. I'm 6'2 195, agressive expert (Level 3 cert instructor for 21 years). I'm also on the 178. It's a great ski that can handle just about anything. I've even been in boot-deep powder on them, and they did very well. They handle slushy, sloppy, sugary, late-day crap incredibly well, and age good at everything from low speeds to warp 9 (okay, maybe just warp 8 - don't go straightlining KT22 on them)

They're a great ski. Go for it.
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I have skied both the 178 and 170. At 190lbs and 5'11 I preferred the 178. In the 170 length the ski LOVEs to turn. Both skis can be as agressive or as relaxed as you want them to be. With the tail being significantly narrower than the forebody you can just lay them over and let the front of the ski drag you through the turn (so to speak). They are remarkably versatile. I also found them to be a lot of fun in the moguls.

Definitely reccommend them.

In the East: 170
In the West: 178

EDIT: Just don't take your 6 day old SkiCross 10's down the Ptarmigan Chutes at Lake Louise in the early season... You'll be looking for a new pair, trust me!
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