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Changing of fonts

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Don't know if others have this problem but my font size will change radomly and it's kind of annoying. Any help appreciated.

Could me my set up but I'm not sure what causes it. I run firefox and have a mouse with a scroll wheel. Occasionally (semi frequently) perhaps when I highlight text I seem to hit something and the font size on the whole site changes to something much larger. I think it has happened on TGR (same bulletin board program) once or twice but happens much more here.

Am I inadvertandly hitting some icon or something. I can't seem to make it happen when I try and it seems to be from hitting a mouse key or something as I don't seem to be close to icons up top when it goes.

Anyone can help that'd be great. If not I can always shut down the site and re-open and it's all back to normal then.
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Check for a sticky CTRL key. Holding down CTRL and using the scroll wheel increases/decreases font size with Firefox. Very useful when you actually want to use it.
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Thanks, that seems it would almost certainly be it as the effect is the same. Neither control key seems sticky at all and I never use them but at least I know what to watch for next time it happens. More to the point I can change the font back quick without shutting down as well. Thanks again.
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