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10/26/05 Snow Report

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Who got snow?

And more important, who will be skiing?


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Almost a foot in the yard here in the Mad River Valley. Just clicked on the base cam at MRG to see someone skiing past with their dog.
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No accumulation in Ithaca (we're under a 1000 feet), but apparently once you got above 1000 feet there was some, and accumulation went up really quickly once you got near 2000 feet. Apparently Belleayre in the Catskills had at least 12 inches. They somehow believe they are opening on November 5, I'll believe it when I see it . Looks like the big winners were the VT, NH, and ME mountains though (pictures from Wildcat yesterday looked fantastic).

Picking up my freshly mounted PEs and my freshly tuned RX8s later this week, hope I get to use them soon!

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I'm planning on skiing Vermont over Thanksgiving. It would be great if the weather maintains this base!

Fischer RX8 (for son) and Atomics GS:9 (for daughter) arrive today!


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If your plans hold up me and bunch of friend will be there 23th though 27th of nov. I will PM you when its close
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Sunday River this AM:
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Sunday River didn't get squat; not enough altitude. Here's the snow!

40 inches at the Loaf.

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