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$65 Ascension Climbing Skins

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Climbing Skins Ascension Standard One day $65. Save a bunch. If you want $120 at nearly 50%, this is your only shot. Note, they don't include a tail attachment system, but you can get STS separately.

I will delete thread tomorrow unless there are posts.

Edit, well, it won't let me delete now. Still some skins left though.
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Sorry to be a dumbass, but I always hear people talk about skins and saw these on steepandcheap this morning and was wondering what they are used for? Do you put them on skis to climb? That is my dumb guess...
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Well, thanks for making the thread useful. Skins are used for climbing hills and mountains. They attach and stick to the ski base. The fabric is hydrophobic and has a directional nap (smooth one direction, rough the other). So skins bite into the snow as you push forward, and glide (sorta) as you complete a step. They cover the whole bottom of the ski except for the edges. So they are a basic part of backcountry ski equipment where you hike for turns. The name skins, came from the nordic origin. Originally skins were fur and tied to touring skis for climbing.
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Thanks for the reply and education. I thought that was the purpose, but being an east coaster I never really had any experience with them. Steepandcheep is great stuff. I picked up some hestra's last week for 40 bucks!
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They used to be made of seal skins. I found my parents' old ones in the cupboard, one set had spots! Yuck.
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