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Bindings: Marker or Tyrolia ?

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I recently bought a Blizzard X-Cross Ti and I am in the process of selecting the bindings. I want to choose a type of binding that would last long (ex: more metal parts instead of plastic) so I would keep binding even if I change ski. I also want to have the choice of having possibility to move the boot center without drilling (rail system to be drilled on ski). For the following options I see these bindings:
a) Tyrolia Free Flex 14 or 17 (whichever is more solid-metal) but they do not have rails to move boot center back and forth. I saw a PowerSelect 8 Rental which is older (no problem for me) and might have the possibility. Off course I will use them with Carving plate.
b) Market Comp 14 Piston Control IBX Demo and Regular and Titanium 12 Piston Control IBX Demo and Regular. I do not know the difference between Demo and Non-Demo/Regular. Both do not seem to need carving plate.

I definitively cannot make a choice and your expert advice is welcome.

Many thanks for help

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All Tyrolia carve plates are predrilled for all boot sizes, so if you have small or regular foot size you can mount the bindings in various positions. Smaller foot = more available positions. If your boots sole length is like mine (355mm) you have only one position available. This applies to all Tyrolia non-railflex bindings.
Similar applies to railflex models, but with much simpler mounting/dismounting.

Can’t help with Markers. Last one I had was M4-12 Rotamat FD.
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How did you narrow your choice down to those particular bindings?? Other than the PS8 rentals, none of the bindings mentioned allow you to shift the boot centre. And given that you have listed some fairly hard core race bindings in with some mid-range rentals you obviously don't even know what DIN range you are after. Rental bindings in particular are not known for their durability.

I would suggest you find out your DIN setting, and try Atomic or Tyrolia if you really want to be able to shift your boot position, but I have had that on two sets of skis before and found it a really useless featre which only adds dead weight to a ski.
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If you want bindings on a rail system from Tyrolia why are you looking at the Free Flex 14 and 17 and not the FX12? It would seem to me that the FX12 RailFlex is exactly what you're looking for.
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i have only skied Tyrolla once and other than that i have been a marker guy. I love the feel and performence
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The only movable system that is up to racing standards is the Speedlock system by Vist. Considering your puzzling choices it seams you can go with many bindings.

I know that Tyrolias have great durability. Me parents binders are 8 years old and still kick ass for old binders. The haven't even lost many Din. Showing 12.5 they still gibe 11 so its not too bad. Rental binders are not best quality if you consider pre-releases and torsional strength.
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