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Registration problems?  

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If you are new to Epicski and just tried to register but can't post, It's probably because you have not completed the registration process. After you fill out all the forms, agree to the terms etc and click OK. you will then be sent an email that has a link in it to activate your account. If you do not complete this process you will not be able to post or participate in discussions.

If your ISP (AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Netscape etc) has "automatic" filters built for you, check your junk mail or spam mail for an email from admin - at - Epicski dot com It's probably there.

If you registered with a fake email address, well, I can't help you there.

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More info

I'm getting more and more challenge response emails

If you are using a challenge response service, please be sure to add

admin at epicski dot com

to your allowed list.

Also send me a PM so I can send you my personal email address which is also used at times when I send "automated" emails from the forum.

I am not going to respond to all the challenge responses as it is becoming very time consuming.
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ATT Customers

FYI I have been having a problem with and their email servers.:

Ever since they were "purchased" by SBC I have been having emails rejected from their servers. I suspect it might be a few specific servers as it seems to be almost random. Some emails are getting through and some are not. I have not been able to determine a pattern yet.

All my Inquiries to attworldnet have not been responded to and there is no way according to their website for us to contact them except by email.

If you are an ATT customer with an ATT.NET email address we are not ignoring you with activations or password requests it's ATT not allowing us to send you emails..

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As noted here
We are no longer accepting registration using Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.

Challenge responses or fake email addresses will keep you from getting registered properly as well.
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