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Originally Posted by ATskier
It's amazing that this thread has attracted so many long posts. The advanced skier is the guy you can't catch who is in front of you on the trail.
No, that would be the advanced ski tuner, the guy with the better wax, and brush job for the conditions.
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I'm starting to understand this thing.
It's kind of like the college football rankings.(BCS)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but, if I'm skiing down a double black tree run, and the guy in front of me ( who I can't seem to catch) smacks face first into a tree, I move up in the polls! right ? Like, from a level 7 to 8? or 8 to 9?
So, does he move down?
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Absolutely, Ray L. In fact, you could say that he's lost face.

Boom boom.
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ba-boom! ching!
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Definition of a troll

Definition of a troll
Originally Posted by Highway Star
Nah, it's just to get you guys riled up. Nothing like a little bragging.
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expert is as expert does

Very interesting discussion. I have found that there is a huge difference between the East and West regarding perception of ability. In the East more people tend to have a fixation on speed, probably due to the prevailing snow conditions. I find all these number charts and stuff to be an honest attempt to explain something that is fundamentally relative, in terms that are concrete. My own skiing ability is varied. I have had no problems skiing peak 7 at Breck one day and then had huge problems a few weeks later because the snow had 1 inch of windburnt ice on top. I have skied powder with short carving skis but was hesitant in the bumps with those same skis. Rating skiers is sort of like rating musicians or music. Everyone has a hard time explaining things, but they know what sounds good to them when they hear it. You may love one song by a musician but not another...
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