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TR Hidden Valley, PA 10/25/05

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Well around last night when my friend at Hidden Valley called, and told me there was 2 inchs already, i knew today would be my first chance to go skiing in alittle less than 6 months. Left school at 11 oclock arriving at 12. Drive up was surreal, tree braches littering the road. Snow everywhere even on the road in some spots. I got there booted up and made way up Imperail. After the long and tedious hike, i click in to my metrons(yes i am deranged, and proceed to ski a FOOT of snow. Only to fall 3 turns later. Fall again on this run but i am smiling all the way.
Next run I take is stingray, make it down this one with out falling in the very heavy wet snow, skiing this stuff takes skills i didnt know i had, it does how ever get easier on steeper sections. Next run i make my way up to Thunderbird check out my glade diablo decide no way in hell i can make it though. Proceed to go down thunderbird which would of been my best run with slow Gs turns coming out of the snow but left a foot behin and went one footed for a good 30 feet though no fall though. Last run our SSD Joy finally makes it over and she takes all the picture from firebird, one fall from skis catching on grass i think, but these were the best turns of the day. Anyways it was so much fun to ski today, if you go out dress lightly, eat tons of carbs, and if you go to Hidden Valley dont worry about your skis, i didnt get single scratch on my metrons.

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Glad to see you pulled it off after some people gave you crap on this forum about dreaming with the weather. Personally, if I was closer to the Catskills, I'd consider doing the same thing at Belleayre (which apparently got a hell of a lot of snow, especially on the top of the mountain).

Oh well, looks like the season will hopefully get off to a better start in the east than last year (when Killington didn't even have 50% of their terrain by New Year's).

Here in Ithaca it's finally snowing lightly, but isn't going to add up to anything. Binghamton and NE PA apparently did a lot better than us though!

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Damn good on ya. Knee deep and all to yourself. We were making turns last year this time and the East was still complaining about no snow at Super Bowl time. Just don't keep us waiting quite so long. Look'in good in the East. Now if it just stays cold, you're off to a great start.
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I had no idea that they got enough snow to open some slopes. Actually, when I heard it was snowing there, I guessed it would probably melt very quickly and not permit them to open some slopes. You lucky dog!
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LOL the slopes werent open i was hiking.
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I give you a lot of credit your spirit and desire to ski is fantastic. I think I'm a diehard but can't hold a candle to you with the hiking. I tell the kids on the street that ski bumps Saturday but don't want to get up early Sunday to do it again choosing to sleep in instead, the moguls won't be there that long. You have to ski it while you can. The snow is a gift. A fleeting one at that.
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Way to go Bushwacker At least a month away here, but more realisticaly 1.5
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After this trip, i think i am going to learn how to telemark adn get tele gear, or get some AT gear. Before next season. It was honestly really rewarding to earn your turns and it something I am going to persure more this winter. There are tons of steep short shot local to Pittsburgh hills, due the the River valleys, if we get a blizzard this year. I Know for one i am going to be hitting a 400 feet of vert average pitch of 40 degree(done with Google maps yes its that steep), chute that run accross from the clariton Mill. Some other enticing hills are Mount washington, and Mount Brown(the worldest largest slagpile). Should be some very interesting TRs from these "exotic"(haha yeah right) locations.
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