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Contact OLN

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If you want to let OLN know you want more and more consistent World Cup coverage, it might help to contact them. I would imagine the more, the better. There are over 9000 of us. We could create quite an impression!
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Email sent. Thanks for the link, and the idea.
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Me too. Thanks.
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Can't hurt! Anyone else?
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I emailed them yesterday. I hope they listen to us!
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email sent.
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Just sent!
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Anyone else?
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Me too, Mike,,,

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Sent. Twice, from work and home.
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Not to mention asking OLN to stop their P*ssing match with Dish Network and some cable companies and put the NHL back on. They replaced a bunch of NHL games with fishing shows as a repudiation to the satellite and cable companies keeping OLN on their higher-priced tier instead of making it available to every subscriber (thus making every subscriber get a price increase).

I'm all for Dish's move in response to OLN yanking the hockey games. Basically they stood up to OLN's mob-like tactics. The same thing is going on with non-Comcast cable companies (Comcast owns OLN - which is why in the Silverthorne/Dillon/Breck area OLN is on the low-priced package.) OLN even yanked the games from Cablevision in NYC. They're back in NYC as of today but I think the Dish impasse continues. Freakin' morons.

Even though I get it free now that I have Comcast instead of Dish, I'd pay extra for OLN if they had less huntin' n fishin' and more hockey and skiing. It used to be there was a separate huntin' n fishin' channel, the Outdoor Channel, which isn't the same as the Outdoor Life Channel (OLN). However I think that turned into Speed or some such NASCAR thing.

These stupid actions that just hurt the consumer just honk me off.

By the way, we don't just want MORE World Cup coverage, we want BETTER coverage. About 2 or 3 years ago they were much better. Coverage was less "Americanized" and Bode-centric - they showed much more of the race, had less "flashy happy-talk" in the studios, and actually showed non-Americans!

And considering that the NHL itself is only just back from their own stupid 1-year shutdown, OLN seems to be shooting themselves in the foot by making it harder for the already-half-lost NHL fanbase to see the games. So why did OLN pay for the NHL rights if they're not going to show the games on some of the largest distribution systems in the US?

Sorry, rhetorical question. Obviously their business plan was to get the NHL and then use the "pent-up-demand" for hockey as extortion to Comcast's competitors to pay more for the channel.

Don't get me going on media concentration. I'm usually a no-regulation libertarian but when a near-monopoly distribution system in many areas (Comcast) also owns a channel broadcast both through itself and its competitors, they have too much power to strongarm their competitors into paying their price or else offering a less-attractive-than-Comcast alternative. Shouldn't be allowed, since there isn't really meaningful competition in video entertainment delivery yet. Yeah, in Summit County we in theory have three possibilities - Comcast, plus two satellite companies: Dish Network and DirecTV. But Satellite is only viable from certain types of locations and homes - and Comcast/OLN was able to make one of those competitors (Dish) look less attractive.

So yes, write OLN and ask for more and better World Cup coverage.

But separately write OLN, or better, write the FCC, and tell them that you think Comcast/OLN's actions are anti-consumer and anti-competitive.
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email sent
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Ditto. And asked for less bull riding.
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Originally Posted by evansilver
Ditto. And asked for less bull riding.
Oh, great. Now we're going to get somebody from some bull-riding board coming in hear and insulting everyone.
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Anyone else? The more e-mails, the better. At least it can't hurt!
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email sent

get your friends, and co workers to send emails!
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Anyone else?
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email sent
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More please!
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Sent mine too ... if I don't ever see bull riding, it will be too soon
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Kill the bulls! Send more e-mails!
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