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I'll PM you my mobile number. If anyone wants to meet us, please PM me and I'll send you my number.
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...also, see this post for pictorial back-up. Of course, I look a bit different this year (blue jacket, slight grooming change).
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Either 8 or 8:30 is fine with me. I thnik the demos start at 9. SSH: Preference?
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Skied with SSH and Cgeib today. Looks like we're meeting folks at 8:30 across from the ski school desk.
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Are there any demo days in Alta area in January or February. How do these work? Do you pay a daily rate and get to try as many models as you wish? Are they usually one manufacturer or several?
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Sounds like we'll have Noodler, my friends Erik and Joe, another friend Tim (that some met at ESA), at least next Saturday. If you're also planning to be there, post here or drop me a PM. Make sure you register early this week--take your boots into Colorado Ski & Golf or Boulder Ski Deals, pay your $, and we'll set up meeting times/places in this thread.

Some may be there Sunday, but I am only there Saturday.
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I'm going to tenatively be there on Saturday - I wish I could be more firm, but I've got a remodel job that's dragging out (damn subs!).

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I'm sent you a PM, jake. Anyone else planning to be there and need my mobile number, send me a PM or e-mail and I'll get it to you.
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I'll be upstairs at the tables across from the ski school desk before reg starts. Red Transpack, blue Patagonia shell, black Patagonia pants. Probably have a bit of a posse with me. PM me for mobile number.
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