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After letting the show sink in for a few days, and forcing myself to not post, I can not hold out any longer. I hate to be negative but if no one complains nothing gets any better.

The show was rather a dismal display, pretty close to a swap meet, or garage sale. It was great to see some of the reps make a presence and that did not go unnoticed. Perhaps their hands are tied, perhaps not. I was expecting a showcase of each brands goods, the chance to see all the hot new stuff, bags, gloves, jackets, etc.... what I found was depressing.

To me a show is the manufactures best sales tool for moderate to serious skiers and boarders. A place to show off the new gear and create hype that carries away from the show. A place for serious gear heads to hands on check out the newest and greatest that many shops will not bring in, due to low sales volumes to justify holding stock on these items.

Reps do not have this problem, or at least shouldn't. They should be able to supply a sizeable line up for display of their product. Isn't that their job, to rep. (represent) the product. So why no product line up. Why no shiny booth with all the latest ATOMIC, HEAD, ROSSIGNOL, FISCHER etc.. stuff. Then relaying the interest to the local shops that support their product.

The show should have just about every new model of ski, boot, pole, bindings.

A show should have at least some new luggage and bags. Boot bags, ski bags, weekend race bags etc.. IE I'm in the market for a new ski bag, I found NONE.

A show should have the newest gloves, hats, jackets etc.... IE I'm in the market for new gloves. I found very few, most were simply old stock.

I have heard the comment recently a few times that this market just isn’t' worth it. (not exact words but the just of it). I realize Edmonton is not a mountain town. I realize the nearest mountain is 3 hours away, but..... I know of lots of people that buy the best gear. But we are likely not to buy it if we cannot touch it or at least see it in person. Stores have the right to decide what I can and can't buy and see but manufactures have the responsibility to make every effort to move every product in the line up.

I understand shops not carrying stock, but a show is the place that it should be showcased to create any faint hope of creating interest in a product. If the industry isn't even hyping product who will.

Edmonton I would have to believe does a fair amount of sales in ski equipment and related goods annually. Enough I would believe to justify ATOMIC, DYNASTAR, ROSSIGNOL, HEAD, NORDICA, FISCHER, ELAN, etc... to have a dedicated booth for their product.

My impression of the show was that the manufacturers simply couldn't care less about our market and their presence and showcase of goods made that pretty clear. The show was simply local shops making a nice effort to showcase their stocked goods, resorts making their appearance, and a swap sale. Good on em’ for their effort.

Maybe I am naive, maybe I expect too much, maybe we are a hick worthless town not worthy of the effort, maybe it's too much to ask to see a manufacturers goods at a ski show. Perhaps next year it should simply be called local shop's and resort show.

I welcome enlightenment into this area. I am simply making comparisons against the Bike show, RV show, Sportsman shows. I do shows (man the booths) for my industry and have for many years now, I know the game and purpose and the Edmonton show this weekend was a sorry excuse for a event. The recent boiler show was a better event than this.

Sorry to be blunt but maybe someone needs to.