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OLN... should I get it (again)?

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Unknowingly, I just dropped OLN when I canceled my promotional offer with HBO and Cinemax. I ordered OLN last summer solely for the Tour de France and WC skiing. Now that I hear the WC coverage sucks anyways, I'm debating whether I should pay $10 a month to get it back, or buy something else like a winning runs DVD from USSA to get my fix. What do you guys think?

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poet and didnt know it Even if it sucks at least you will get to watch it. I am pretty pissed myself at the piss poor coverage every year with the world cup. Really think it will be shitty this year with the Olympics coming up? Plus I heard Alberta Tomba is thinking about a comeback!
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Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent them recently.

The reason I have DirecTV is OLN's coverage of World Cup Skiing. Are you going to cover the races at Solden Austria this weekend?
Please less talk/fluff and more race coverage. The Eurosport announcers that were used in the past were much better. I don't care what Pam Fletcher is doing in town, and though Steve Porino is an aquaintence of mine and I watched him race as a kid, I'd rather see ski racing.

Also, I am an avid F-1 fan and never miss a race on SPEED but I find it very disturbing that motorsports are taking up air time on OLN. Surely there must be some slots on SPEED for those things. I used to watch, and enjoy, a large variety of motorsports on the old Speedvision.(including aviation) I don't need to see endless repeats of Non Athletic Sports Competition Attended by Rednecks. (that's what NASCAR spells isn't it?)
Thank You
Pat Slattery
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Where do I e-mail them. Maybe if a whole bunch of us e mail them asking about world cup skiing coverage they will air it more often?
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Hey, I just want DishNetwork to get it back, no matter how little is shown.
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I too am fed up with OLN's lack of ski race coverage. I think the cure would be a lot more PBR (professional bull riding), NOT!!! Until decent ski coverage is available I am forced to watch snowboarding on Fuel. Every once in a while they accidently show a skier!
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I see the thread took off.
Keep it going.
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There hasn't been anything decent on OLN since the tour. Every time I turn it on it's either Pilot Guides of Don't Forget Your Passport or maybe some fishing bullsh*!. There used to always be good stuff like Ride Guide or even Warren M. TV. But there certainly is a lack of good content now...I wouldn't get it back if I were you, you aren't missing much.
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Fishing and hunting doesn't bother me(I don't watch it) Excessive replays of Pro Bull($*!t)riding is kind of tedious but motorized stuff has no place there. :
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Fox Sports Network ran a lot of FIS Skiing last year.

Unfortunately for me, I saw it on the guide but could not watch it because I thought I had to pay extra to see. It turned out to be an old filter in the cable box up the street. This summer. When skiing was over. Grrr.

I've got 3 Fox sports channels. Last winter it seemed like they were regional sports channels. Now, they're all labelled Fox College Sports (FCSx) and showing college football. It'd be nice to have an alternative source for skiing TV.

As I recall, most of the FIS stuff on OLN was at least 1 week old, sometimes several weeks. Maybe if they renamed it "Tour de Neige", we could get more coverage?
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Maybe I should check the FOX listings. Most OLN coverage was origionally "same day".
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Don't forget the NHL coverage now on OLN!! Shame that ESPN dropped hockey but thats what they get for f...ing up last season.

OLN used to have some cool stuff but I noticed a ton of hunting shows and rodeo who cares. Although probably alot of people could care less about hockey to each his own. I hope they do the Warren Miller stuff again.
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