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Aspen Snow ?

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What is it with Aspen snowcams, do they only work once a week ?


You would think getting nearer the season and spending shed loads on a fancy website they would at least get probably the only thing most skiers/borders are interested in WORKING ?

Are you guys in the US also getting the old webshots from Oct 19th ?
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Wow, they turned them on again? It had said Aug. 31 for so long I stopped checking.

Yep, Oct. 19
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Dont think these resort operators know that if were coming over from Europe for the begining of the season we need to know the situation so we can plan our flights (ie get cheap deals).
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The best year Aspen ever had, 82-83. There was no snow anywhere November 1. Then it snowed for 45 days straight. There was a bar, Judge Roy Beans, which had 1/2 price drinks whenever it snowed.

They didn't make it through the season.

When are you planning on coming?
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I normally try to get out for thankgiving opening or the first week in december to either Aspen or Telluride or both
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Then you know Thanksgiving is kind of iffy. They probably will only have skiing off of chairs 3 & 7 and you’re kind of lucky if you can ski back to the bucket.
The World Cup is December 8-10 so they will be concentrating the snowmaking over on the 1A side.
If the snow is good, I will probably be at the WC, drop me a line if you will be around then.

Here's a live cam from town. Doesn't look great right now.

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Oh man, I didn't know I was arriving during a WC event. There goes my first ski day of the season...I'll be watching on the 10th.
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Highlands opens the 10th. It can be a little bit of frenzy, but it calms down in the afternoon. Typically Snowmass also opens new terrain that day, be it Elk Camp or High Alpine, it’s usually one or the other.
I think it’s a great time to come, town is slow, but all the shops are fully stocked and restaurants are all ready to go for the Christmas rush. I can do all my Christmas shopping after a great meal. Everyone is in a good mood, looking forward to a good season.
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2002 & 2003 I didnt have any problem skiing top to bottom on Ajax. Highlands was closed although there was plenty of snow and it was almost criminal for it not to have been open. You could look over from Ajax and see Patrol guys having the whole hill for themselves :

Loosing track of time a bit but it was either 2002 or 2003 I was there opening day in Snowmass and Hanging Wall was open & was one of the first 10 people (gen public) to track it out I didnt make it over to the US last season, first time in 25 yrs. Aspen had better early snow than Telluride on both trips.
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Maybe there browsing this site.

There working now.
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