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HEAD Worldcup i.Supershape CP 13

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I have last years iSLRD and looking to upgrade into new model of the same ski. However, there is a sandwich ski with more shape to it called the i.supershape cp13. It doesent have the VIST plate but it seems to be a real sandwich ski and the shape looks better for my purbose since it has more shape to it. The other Head racing skis have much bigger turn radius. Any thaughts?
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I haven't skied it

I haven't skied it, so I'm relating second hand info from others, all users of other Head skis. Hopefully some of them will respond directly.

1. Primarily skis the XRC 1100 SW/RD. Didn't like the ski, felt it was floppy, not enough substance.
2. Skis the iM75 and wound up choosing i.SL Chip over supershape. Felt the Supershape was too much ski, too stiff and not enough versatility.
3. Harald Harb has begun using the SuperShape as his primary "all-around" ski replacing the i.SL Chip (used for the past two years). He took it to Timberline race camp last year and says he never really missed having his i.SLRD's with him.
4. I think the Realskiers review was lukewarm as well.

My summary. Like the iM75 of past years, this is one that you really ought to demo before choosing. My feel is that it is somwhere between the i.SL Chip and the i.SLRD but personal preference or length must play a big role.
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I again haven't skied it, but from my conversations with a friend who has, it sounds like a solid recreational slalom carver, somewhat like an XRC SW with a slalom radius, which isn't surprising given that it's the same construction. I have heard elsewhere however that in some opinions it isn't as stiff as they would like, and the tip is overly soft and slow to take the edge. If you're looking for the power and stability of the SL RD, I'm not sure you'll find it here. Also, there's only about a 1m-1.5m difference in radius between the Supershape and SL RD, depending on the length.

My personal choice for this year is the iSL RD, which I'm very much looking forward to trying out (sadly I doubt I'll be on snow until December). I wanted the power and stability factor over the potential extra versatility.
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