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MRG question.

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I was paging through an old ski magazine from 94, there was a MRG artical and mentioned the "Milk run", do they still do it?
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If you look at peoples reports from various days at MRG it appears that they do. This seems to be the deal. Show up really early. Offer to help shovel out everything and help alot. Even after all of that help you are not guarantee'd a milk run. However if they have one you are in.

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Milk Run

I don't think they do it, unless you're a local or know someone who works at the mountain. They used to let you take a free run from 8am-830am or half an hour before the single chair opened. You could then decide if you wanted to buy a lift ticket or not.

When MRG went co-op, they did away with the free run.
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