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185cm... race stock GS skis. Go ahead... laugh... I did learn on straight skis, but it was before I was big enough to turn anything over a 180. So... I didn't have to "unlearn" much when shaped skis came around. It made the transition nearly effortless.
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After skiing for two seasons, the longest ski I've been on in 185. I usually ski on Explosivs at 180, or a narrower ski in 175-180.

I've never skied on a straight ski. Is it true that they're much harder to ski on that shaped skis?
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More difficult... yes... depending on how you ski them. They require an entirely different set of skills to pilot properly. I wold sooner call them different, rather than difficult. If you attempt the same movements as on shaped skis you WILL find them more difficult.
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The year was 1985. I was 15 yrs old and had just joined the ski club at my high school. I remember it well...my very first pair of skis that were mine, all mine. No more renting skis. No more boots that never seemed to fit right after the first run, not to mention half way up the lift. The skis were K2 slalom 56's in 195 length(not quite 200, but, I was only about 5'10" at the time). I still have those skis. They've been through two pair of bindings...actually one and 1/10000 of a pair. The first pair, a set of Marker somethings, blew apart when I got squirrely in some moguls and discovered the face of those things can be really hard. The second(Salomon Driver 997 Equipe) has all of two trips to the local ski resort on them...kind of a waste I guess.
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Originally Posted by wbroun
I really want to buy an old long pair just for fun. I miss the smooth cruising power. I've been keeping my eyes open on Ebay.
I think you'll be very, very surprised.

I put my Atomic SLs back on a couple of years ago at A Basin early season. These were the ice-carving wonders I bought in 1988 while working at Helm of Sun Valley--in San Jose, CA. When I skied them in early '03, I thought I was going to kill someone--either me or someone I couldn't avoid on the hill. Holy smokes, they took a lot more work than modern skis.

That's the last time. I'm never going back again.

Want my old Elan GSs? They're 210s. Up in my attic at the moment.
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I started on 180 rentals back in the late 70's and until this year, was the shortest length I'd ever owned was 185cm. Went through quite a number of sizes as my skill increased (at least in my mind I was improving) up to 205's by the mid 80's. Went back down to 203's after that and finally down to my current ride... K2 Apache Recon 174's earlier this year. Did a private with my kids this year (well, I tagged along to jump the lift queues) and was constantly reminded to move my feet further apart by the instructor. Finally managed to break the old "Austrian ski instructor stance" habit and I'm feeling confident and happy on 'em now (when I first got them, I initially thought I'd fall over the tips).

Anyone remember those stupid "mid" ski's of the late 70's - early 80's? All the rental shops carried them for "an easier skiing experience". Darn things used to create a vibration that caused really nasty little "bumps" in the snow that always appeared at the base of a run when your legs were shot!
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I know this may come a shock to you all but I still ski on a 190!!! Its only the second set I've owned with my first being 188s. I'll go down to 175s when I buy a new set but right now I am really looking at some 183 Sugar Daddys!
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Originally Posted by Blaise
Anyone remember those stupid "mid" ski's of the late 70's - early 80's?
Most of us were trying to forget. Thank you so much for bringing them back up. While you are at it, why don't you give us papercuts and pour some lemon juice in them .
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There are a couple of us older people who have not skied straight skis. I skied a few times in college and just a few more times before taking it up seriously in the mid 90's. My first skis were Elan SCX's. I have been on straight rentals, but only at a time that I had no skills. My only experiences with skis in intermediate and above maneuvers is with short skis with deep sidecuts. It is kind of like listening to previous generations talk about having to walk 5 miles to school. I really don't feel like I missed anything.
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i have never skied a striaght ski and i have always wanted to in the back of my head just to see the difference and what it feels like
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I have never skied a straight ski. My first skis were womans skis. Elan stillettos 188 long that I got on sale for 99 bucks. I have skied 170s and 160s since and just bought 177 Nordica the beast skis to use for vail.
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I skied for years on straight skis and HATED when I could no longer rent them. I thought it was a bunch of BS when out of the clear blue sky the rental shop 'kids' started telling me shaped and short was better. Why'd I spend all those years learning to ski straight?? Who were they to dictate gear to me? Well I'm over it now (what choice did I have), but I still think short shaped skis were pushed to compete with the snowboard industry...trying to attract new skiers that would otherwise give up and get snowboards.
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Year 1976, Wanted to learn how to ski so borrowed a friends pair that he picked up at a garage sale: Head 215cm with leash. Headed to the mountains, never could figure out how to turn them suckers : ! Had fun anyway and was addicted. Side Note: When I first started skiing Snowshoe, WV there was a trail with a sign: Skis must be at least 185cm for this slope. Wouldn't that be a hoot today?
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ressurecting this one from the second page, but i feel like i missed out!

my first day skiing was on a brand new pair of elan SCX. it was a pretty big buzz in the local ski community that this hil had purchased all parabolic skis for their rental fleet. first skis i purchased were 170 cm Atomic Mega CarvX. Bought a pair of 174 cm Rossi T-power 9s a little while later (the silver and chartreuse ones- not the yellow and black model that was an earlier generation). Bought a pair of 169 Public Enemies last year, and need a pair of 185 GS skis this year (looking at Dynastars most likely).

The longest ski I've ever skied though? Put in 2 runs last year on some 207 Blizzard SG skis. Holy S***!
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210 Rossi's were the longest

Currently, on a Fischer RX8 160!!!...

Well,actually, in reality....I am currently on my couch
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I owned several pair of K2's at 190cm and 195cm and then Volants and Blizzards at 195cm. I believe I have also skied some 205cm Olins to try them (in High School). I am a 5'9" female, however. 195cm is long for most females.

I loved my K2's back in the day. I was a 100% K2 skier for many years. This changed only when I became a patroller and was able to get Volants at a good price. The Blizzards...well, they were a costly mistake...noodles after 4 days of easy skiing at WAWA.

I currently have 177cm Rossi Banxit x's (2002), 161cm Volkl 6*'s and a pair of 150cm Solomon Crossmax 10's (that I picked up in like new condition at the Girl Scout Flea Market for $18 and plan to use for patrolling at my little hill. I'd hate to ruin my regular skis with the toboggan, these should be short enough...I am way back in the handles when I pull the sled.)
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