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Look P 11 w/ maxplate

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My local retailer isn't carrying this year's Look p 12 (DIN 4-12)lifter, which would ordinarily be my preference for the Volkl G 3s I'm about to purchase, but they do have the referenced "P 11s" (DIN 3.5-11) available for $179.
Does anyone know what model year these are from? Also, what are the benefits of the maxplate - would it be a good fit for the G3? Finally, does the heel piece slide or move on the maxplate? Thanks for your input. P.S. Don't suggest Markers - I'm a die hard Look fan.
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The main advantages of the MaxPlate are they rise the bindings further off the ski and they negate the difference in height between the Look toe & heel pieces. If I bought G3s I'd get the Look MaxPlates or Rossignol T-Plates (which are pretty much the same binding).
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