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Oakley Sunglasses - Need Help With Lens Color

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Picked up a pair of Half Jacket XLJ's that came with Amber Black Iridium Polarized lenses (18% light transmission; Characteristics: Increased Contrast; Protection Index: 2 (for average sun luminosity); Suggested Light Level: Medium to Bright Light)... need a lens for the overcast days... too many to choose from... looking for some suggestions.

Also, should I look for a lens with a Protection Level: 3, Extremely Bright Light for the full-on sun, clear blue sky days, or is the lens I have going to be okay... thanks for the help.
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yellow for flat light.
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Lot of athletes are using rose tints these days; also note the number of ads from goggle manufacturers. I find rose/red offers almost same contrast as yellow, not quite as bright, but better for sorting objects coming at you like a baseball or mogul. Objects really "pop" at you with a red tint.
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Rose color is the best. Return those Oakley's if you can however as they are overpriced. More bang for your buck with something like a Smith.
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...their G30 lens for bright overcast skies.
...their High Intensity Yellow for low light skies.
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i agree with Phil, yellow for flat light
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I have a pair of Oakley Valves w/ grey lenses. light transmission=18%

I will use them for bright conditions. If you noticed, the light transmission for sunny conditions stops at 17%. We've got 18% so it's there. I am not worried at all.
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It depends. What colors are your skis and outfit ? You may choose something conservative, or be more innovative and daring. But you certainly don't want to mismatch.
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I'm a long time Oakley user. I use the Persimmon (orange) for low light. These are great most of the time but when it gets real flat and darkish I switch to a yellow.

Try the G30, the High Intensity yellow or the Persimmon

Go for the highest light transmission % and the colour that suits your vision the best. The dropped their lense light transmission chart from the web, try a outlet they should have one.

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thanks for the feedback... I agree that Smith's are a better deal, especially with the set of extra lenses, but I picked these Half Jackets up for $90 NIB on the bay... will probably grab some persimmon and ice iridium polarized to cover the whole range... maybe the high intensity yellow for the real low light days... thanks again for the help.
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