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Hot Rods

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Nordica Hot Rods-Nitrous and Eliminator

PM for prices.......I will direct you to a local retailer who wants to move them NOW!
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just got my Ski Magazine this morn. Mike Rogan is on a Hot Rod in both his instructional pieces.
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Nordica Ski's


I purchased a pair of Fischer RX8's through you, based on your advice last year. I absolutely love the ski. Now that you are over at Nordica and I have been reading a lot of good stuff about their ski's / bondings, I was wondering what ski in the Nordica line up would compliment my RX8's.

I ski mainly in the East (7 Springs & Hidden Valley in PA) at an advanced level. I am 230 pounds and 6' tall. I stay on piste and off bumps. Thinking something a little wider underfoot to get me through the soft stuff.

Your advice was spot on before. I am now looking for the same for my number 2 ski in the quiver.

Thanks for the help.

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Please send more info
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Mailbox Is Full

Rusty, your mailbox is full!

Please PM me some info on these -- I'm in Virginia, zip is 23188.

I am 6-1 225lb and currently ski RX-8 (180cm) on hardpacked, but want to diversify my quiver with a ski that has more in the waist and might be better in powder and sloppy snow (including spring conditions). The nitrous seems like a good option to consider.

thanks man!
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