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Mounting plates on twins...

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I am currently undecided on which route i am going to go as far as skis this year. I am pretty set on another tiwn, i have skied Public Enemys for the last 2 years and have decided to make these my sole park ski. Now i am looking for another Ski which will do good things on the groomers and out of the park. My current choice is between the Foil or the karma... So here is my actual question...
I have a pair of Salomon 912 Poweraxe Energy 2 Plates and bindings layin around that i picked up. My initial concern with the foil was that it would be slightly to soft.(6ft,180) Will the edition of this plate do it any justice? Or will its noodly charistics i keep hearing about still prevail?
And also will this set up add or take away from anything if mounted on the karma?
I have my PE's mounted with p12 jibs.. so i think right off the bat the plate/lift will Give me what im lookin for in an all mtn ski.
How does this slightly dated 912pe2 (i think it may be the first year it came out) compare to other plate/bindings systems of today such as Markers piston control?
I think i may have lost my central thought in there somewhere, but hopefully you guys can help on the answer i think im lookin for... Thanks for taking the time to read this bable....
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Anyone?.... I know i must have forgot to say PLEASE...
And thank you too
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mount 'em flat. no plate.
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Originally Posted by unionbowler
mount 'em flat. no plate.
How come no plate for all mountain activity? I don't think this guy is looking to do "gnarly" grabs.
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Yeah like i said i already have some publics mounted as flat as they come... im lookin for an all mtn bomber,
There are a few reasons why i am condering the plate one being if it will stiffen up the foil at all. (would be a deciding factor if i go with that ski or not)
And 2 because i currently have 2 pair of bindings
-912 Poweraxe Energy 2s
and 810tis
I got the idea when i came across some Karmas on ebay mounted up with some pistons.
And that got me to wondering how the slightly dated technology of the poweraxe plate compares to the marker piston which seems to be comming on everything these days
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If you haven't already test driven the Foils, I can assure you: they are FAR from being noodles and are an amazing carving machine mounted flat!!! I still can't believe it myself! It get's on edge before your brain realizes it should!Can't wait to ride mine again this sunday and monday!
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Hey Kpudgar... Are you stalking me haha?
Thanks for all the advice though.. I just have many set ups running though my head and im not quite sure yet, Unfortunatly i havent had a chance to demo any of the skis im looking at, nor do i think i will be able to, so thats why i am going so crazy here...
Thanks though
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Originally Posted by commonlaw
How come no plate for all mountain activity? I don't think this guy is looking to do "gnarly" grabs.
it seems to me that most park-oriented skis (karma is def. on the all-mtn side, but still park oriented in flex) ski better with a flat mount. why not look at an all-mtn specific ski like the AC4 instead? it will be more fun on piste and will work awesome with a plate!

a plate will get you off the ski, but with a 80+mm waist there is no boot out for the most part and due to the softer flex in tip and tail of park oriented skis, you don't need to up off the deck to control the ski well. it's also harder to improvise on a lifted binding set up should you feel the desire.

just to check again my records, what i've got is plates on my explosives, which are anything but forgiving, and they ski great, but my gotamas have flat bindings, and they ski great that way. i don't think i'd ever put a lifter on the gotama, (or any other soft tip/tail ski), but i would put a flat binding on an unforgiving ski.
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